Bill Belichick Will Never Sign Eli Manning

Bill Belichick Will Never Sign Eli Manning

No other quarterback is coming to the Patriots other than Brady

There has been takes beyond takes about Brady’s next move. Where will he end up? Will he come back to the Patriots? Who knows but the outreagous takes are ridiculous. Felger and Mazz said yesterday they would take Eli Manning to watch over Stidham for a season. I’m sure Bill Belichick would say hell no. Eli Manning is an washed up quarterback who lost his starting job. Why would Belichick bring him in for a season? Especially the quarterback that beat him in the Super Bowl twice. Also, I don’t think Manning would want to come here.

If Brady plays for another team Belichick will go with Stidham. I’d rather have them try it out with him than bring in a washed up quarterback who has nothing left. You might as well sign Brady if you’re going to bring in an old quarterback. At least the greatest of all time still has it. Stidham had a better preseason than Jimmy Garoppolo did his rookie season. There’s a reason Belichick made the decision to draft Stidham in the fourth round.

The Patriots can win the AFC East with Stidham because it’s still that bad. He just saw Brady and watched how he did things for one whole season. My opinion is Brady comes back. But if not then Stidham will be the quarterback, not some average not good anymore veteran. Eli Manning should retire. He’s really all done.

I don’t think any other quarterback would come here except the one that’s been a Patriot for two decades. Regardless of what happens, there is no way in hell Manning will become a Patriot, or Andy Dalton for that matter. I’ll take Stidham under center and watch him grow into the league.

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