Why Didn’t Brad Marchand Make The All Star Game?

Why Didn’t Brad Marchand Make The All Star Game?

The 2019-2020 NHL All Star rosters have been set. The Bruins will send three players to San Jose to represent the Atlantic division. David Pastrnak was named the highest vote getter and captain of the Atlantic division. Tuukkka Rask was voted in during the regular All Star voting process. And last but certainly not least, Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron was voted in via the last man vote. While is fantastic to see three Bruins in the All Star game, there very well could have been a fourth.

Marchy was snubbed.. Kind of

While there is absolutely no doubt that Brad Marchand was worthy of being an All Star this year, as he is fifth in the league in points, the process simply worked against him. Lets not forget that All Stars are initially determined by the fans who vote the players in. Knowing how disliked Brad Marchand is by other fan bases around the league, its not really surprising that fans didn’t vote for Brad Marchand.

Things to think about

Some things that you have to keep in mind when thinking about Brad Marchand not being an All Star. Not only was he not voted in by the fans, but every team has to have a representative in the All Star game. So even though theres a chance that he might have gotten more votes than certain players, those other players might have gotten the nod over Marchy if there wasn’t already a player representing their team like there was for the Bruins (David Pastrnak). While some might think that Brad Marchand should have been part of the “Last man in” vote that allowed Patrice Bergeron to become an All Star, Marchand essentially didn’t qualify for the vote. The league picked fan favorites, or players who came really close to being voted in.

Not the first time, wont be the last

While its a shame that Brad Marchand isn’t an All Star this year, its not the first time that a player won’t be an All Star after putting up All Star worthy numbers, and it certainly will not be the last. The same goes for the exact opposite. Its a con of the All Star voting format. John Scott was voted in in 2016 after playing in only one 11 games. 11 games that showed one point and 25 penalty minutes. The John Scott All Star story ended up being one of the more heart warming stories in recent NHL memory in the end, but lets be honest, Scott had no business in the NHL All Star game. And that’s not a knock on him. Scott definitely had a role on his team that year. A role that he played very well. A role that essentially got him the title of All Star because he became so loved by fans. So loved that they banded together to get him into the All Star game. Nonetheless, there are definitely pros and cons of fans deciding the All Stars.

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