It’s Up To Belichick

It’s Up To Belichick

After 20 years of unparalleled success in a league designed to prevent dynasties, Tom Brady has been the engine that keeps this team going. Of course there has been plenty of great players and coaches who have helped along the way as well.

The Patriots seem to be at a crossroads after losing in the Wild Card game Saturday night, Brady’s demeanor and comments summed up his feelings on his future with the team. He loves the Patriots but looked as if he’s not in control of his future here. Brady said he’s not retiring but added he “hopes he doesn’t have to retire” which tells me something is going on behind the scenes with Bill Belichick.

Will Belichick really let Brady walk away?

Belichick looks to be the person who will be making the decision on Tom’s career going forward, and he wouldn’t give an answer if he wanted the QB back. Bill not answering questions is part of his style so it’s no surprise he didn’t go into Tom’s future, but giving some sort of answer would’ve been nice.

Robert Kraft spoke with Peter King and his comments have caught a lot of attention. It doesn’t seem like RKK will be able to step in to keep Brady in town this time.

Krafts answers to Peter Kings questioning seem ominous and similar to Brady’s comments Saturday night. Both wanting to stay together but there is one guy stuck between the two (Bill Belichick). Here’s what Kraft said about this situation.

“Before the season started, it was very important to Tom that he be free to do whatever he wanted at the end of the year,” Kraft said. “You know what I said to myself? That any person who plays 20 years for this team and helps us win six Super Bowls, and been really selfless, has earned that right.” I love the young man like he’s a part of my family. Blood family. Anyone who’s done that has earned the right to control his future after 20 years.”

The affection Kraft has for Brady has always been front and center, but now it looks like he’s starting to realize he might not be able to keep his “son” here in New England. Kraft’s next comments are very similar to Brady’s own words. He told Peter King that his “number one HOPE and PRAYER is that he (Brady) plays for the Patriots. Or number two, he RETIRES.”

Brady retiring?? Let’s hope not!

Kraft and Brady both seem to want the same thing here, keep the band together for at least another year or so. The decision looks like it is going to come down to Bill Belichick, and both Brady and Kraft used the word hope when talking about his future. The two Boston icons have had an amazing relationship that nobody wants to end, especially themselves.

Only time will tell what’s going to happen. Until then expect this to be a talking point everyday considering this is the biggest free agency decision in Boston sports history. While New England holds its breath on this incredibly important decision I suggest you take some time to remember what a remarkable run this has been.

All great things eventually come to an end, but my personal opinion is that Patriot fans will get another couple years of Tom Brady. The team will reload with better offensive weapons to surround the 43 year old QB, and go on another run to get their seventh Lombardi trophy.