Robert Kraft Needs To Keep Tom Brady

Robert Kraft Needs To Keep Tom Brady

There's no way in hell Tom Brady walks away now

Is that pick-six from Brady on his own 1-yard line the last pass in a Patriots uniform? I highly doubt it. There is no way in hell Brady is retiring after that game last night. Robert Kraft needs to do everything he can to keep Brady at least for one more season so he can go out better than that. He's done a lot for the organization and should get anything he asks for as a 43-year-old quarterback.

Brady will not play for any team other than New England in my opinion. He just moved his family to Connecticut and has said in years past how he wants to spend more time with his family. If he goes to another team that is a contender he'll most likely be away from his family more than he would like. He'd have to attend the offseason workouts with another team, which he doesn't have to do here because he knows the system. He'll have to work with a new coach and young receivers that aren't familiar with his style of play. Why the hell would he want to do that as a 43-year-old quarterback? Brady is either coming back as a Patriot or will be forced to retire by his family in my opinion.

Brady wants to play with winners and not bums who can't stay on the field because of off-field issues

Brady is going to want to play with winners and not losers. Antonio Brown drawing attention to himself after last night's game is a complete loser thing to do and will never happen. Brady will never play with Brown because, like Gordon, he can't help himself with off the field issues. That does no good when you're about to retire and have a bunch of bums that either can't run the right route or bums who can't stay on the field. Brady needs guys like Edelman who actually get it and want to win as receivers.

Kraft should give Brady what he wants

Brady is a winner and a competitor always. It doesn't matter what happened last season. He's going year to year with the Patriots and seeing how he does. Brady has been the face of the franchise since 2000 and brought six championships. He's done too much for that interception to be the last pass he has as a Patriot. Kraft should give him what he wants and surround Brady with players who can be dominant and clutch.

Written by Steve Atkinson

1 thought on “Robert Kraft Needs To Keep Tom Brady

  1. Brady is not going anywhere. Too much hype about him leaving and it makes no sense for him to leave now. I believe he will sign a one year deal and build around him for one more run. I also believe Stidham is going to be the guy when Brady leaves or will at least start out that way. There needs to be some give and take with all parties. for the world with a one year contract. I am thinking 23-25 mil which would account for about 12% of the 200 mil cap.The media has reported that Brady will not take a home town discount. That is what the media says. I happen to believe that is not true. Brady knows he cannot ask for the farm and also expect to get the weapons he needs retaining certain players, mainly on defense.

    What Brady wants is what he has always wanted and that is to win. We always hear about he has to trust his guys. If he goes to another team then how does he trust those guys when he has never played with them? It makes more sense to stay hear with an organization you trust. Bill needs him as well and mainly to continue to groom Stidham so that when Brady does leave then Bill is in a better spot. Josh is probably going to Cleveland. Does Bill really want to go in to next season without both Josh and Brady? I don’t think so.

    You also have the PR perception with Kraft. If they do not make a full on effort to keep Brady due to money and Brady walks then all of Patriots nation will be very upset with Kraft. This is also important because Kraft himself had that issue with the massage parlor and the last thing he needs is more PR problems. This is not like losing Law, Seymore, McGinest etc. This is Tom Brady, and somehow when the smoke clears he will still be here because as Bill said it is not just his decision but they all know if they do not collectively make the decision to keep him as well as Brady deciding to stay then it will not end well for any party involved.

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