Patriots Lost The Game At Halftime

Patriots Lost The Game At Halftime

The Patriots couldn’t get anything going

The writing was on the wall for the 2019 Patriots. This team wasn’t the team everyone saw at the beginning of the season when they went 8-0. They played the tougher part of their schedule and went 4-5, including last night’s loss to the Titans. Missed opportunities starting with not getting the bye after the loss to Miami last week, to not making the catches when they needed to were just some of many things that went wrong for this team. The boogeymen revenge tour defense let Derrick Henry run all over them the entire game and didn’t adjust. Thank Kyle Van Noy for running his mouth and giving the Titans bulletin board material.

1st and goal to nowhere on the 1 yard line

The Patriots lost that game in the second quarter when they are on the goal line and can’t punch it in with their first-round draft pick Sony Michel. Michel can’t get the job done while Burkhead and White are the two good running backs on the team. Not sure what the thinking was, but when they kicked that field goal on the one-yard line the game was over. They should’ve kept using Burkhead and White while keeping Michel on the bench. There’s no excuse. You can’t come away with a field goal when you have a first down with the ball on the one-yard line.

Titans go up by a point at halftime and completely stop the Patriots from scoring in the second half. The Patriots missed opportunities on an interception from Tannehill because nobody was in the right spot or they were dropping passes. Brady can’t help it if guys can’t run the right route. Brady had an off-year too, but the help around him was awful. Just a disappointing season all around, and giving the Titans bulletin board material didn’t help either. The guys that would never give bulletin board material were the ones that talked after the game. Guys like Brady, Slater McCourty, even Gilmore wouldn’t do that. But the one guy who did, Van Noy, said nothing after the game. He doesn’t deserve to come back to the Patriots organization. You don’t talk about your contract during a playoff week and talk about revenge tours.

Patriots weren’t as good as their record showed.

Overall the Patriots season was mediocre at best. With all the turnover at receiver because people have serious issues on and off the field, to the defense not stepping up when it needed to proves this team wasn’t fit to win it all. Missing Gronkowski was huge for blocking and making big plays and Julian Edelman double-covered meant the other guys had to step up. They didn’t and will have to live with it. This was the worst offense since 2006, and the defense was flawed. If they were really a Number One defense they would’ve beat Miami and not played on Wild-Card weekend. So now everyone can stop saying they lost the game to Miami on purpose and just face the fact they weren’t good enough.