Kyle Van Noy Should Not Be Coming Back To The Patriots

Kyle Van Noy Should Not Be Coming Back To The Patriots

Patriot fans can thank Klye Van Noy for giving the Titans bulletin board material talking about a revenge tour last week. I said earlier in the week that because Van Noy said that it could come back to bite them and it did. The real Patriots on that team like Brady, Slater, White, Gilmore, McCourty would be humble and never say something so stupid. Van Noy didn’t shut up and decided it was a great idea to talk about revenge tours and his contract going into a playoff game. If I was Belichick I would’ve sat Van Noy for a series or two as he does in other big games when players open their mouths. Van Noy should’ve kept his mouth shut instead claimed this defense was great when it really wasn’t.

Boogeymen Defense came back to bite them

This revenge tour looks really good when the defense allows Henry to run all over them and get 5.4 yards a carry. Tannehill only passed for 72 yards last night, but Henry was the difference. The boogeymen revenge tour defense couldn’t stop the run game and it cost them. So how does it taste now Kyle after you run your mouth? Funny how the real Patriots talked after the game and you were silent and said nothing. Goes to show he took it for granted being a Patriot and he won a Super Bowl last season because Brady stepped up and Sean McVay got out-coached by Belichick.

The defense wasn’t elite

You’re not an elite defense when you go 4-5 against good competition and 8-0 against bad competition. They sucked against Baltimore, Kansas City, and Houston, all playoff teams. They weren’t as good as Kyle said, but again took it for granted because they have Brady and Belichick. News to Kyle: Brady can’t be the savior every single time. Other guys need to step up which they didn’t. Talking means nothing when you can’t prove it on the field. Time and time again teams do that to the Patriots, so next year when Van Noy plays for someone else he can brag about the defense he’s on and the Patriots will shred it.