Tom Brady’s Postseason Numbers

Tom Brady’s Postseason Numbers

Tom Brady will be adding to his already incredible postseason numbers Saturday against the Titans. Before Brady steps on the field here’s a look at his historic statistics.

“Nobody’s ever been better”

Tom Brady is the NFL all-time leader in playoff touchdowns, passing yards, completion percentage and Wins. Brady has played in 40 postseason games, which makes his completion percentage number even more impressive, considering the more games you play the likelihood of statistics dropping increases. But this is the GOAT and these numbers show exactly why.

The greatest QB to ever play has led his team to nine Super Bowls, which is another NFL record. His six Super Bowl wins are more than any other QB by far. He holds NFL records for Super Bowl attempts with 392, 256 completions, 2,838 passing yards, 18 TD passes and four MVP awards.

Tom vs Other QBs

Before the wildcard game on Saturday I wanted to compare Brady’s numbers to other great quarterbacks, showing just how ridiculous the gap is:
•With his 30 playoff wins he sits alone on top with the closest QB, Joe Montana at 16.

•Brady’s Playoff win percentage is (.750) with 40 starts. He’s behind Bart Starr (.900)-only 10 starts, and Jim Plunkett (.800) also just 10 starts.

•Postseason Passing yards goes to Brady, who currently sits alone with 11,179 while Peyton Manning is closest at 7,339. This record is set in stone.

•Postseason completions is another record Brady has that will never be touched, with 1,005 and counting. The next closest is again Manning with 649, followed by Favre and Montana.

•Brady’s postseason TD passes (73) is another record that won’t fall in our lifetime. Joe Montana is behind him with 45, just to put things in perspective.

Tom Brady has separated himself from all quarterbacks that have come before, and he’s still adding to these numbers. Patriot fans have witnessed something that will never be seen again.

If that isn’t enough for you, Brady still proclaims he has another three years left to keep adding to these numbers. For the first time since 2009 Brady will be playing in the Wildcard game, and will continue to add to his legacy throughout the 2019 playoffs and beyond.

Brady’s last home game at Gillette Stadium? I don’t believe so, but many people feel differently saying he will retire or play elsewhere. Only time will tell. But there’s one thing that is undisputed, and that’s what Tom Brady has done for the New England Patriots and the die hard fans like myself. The man has given it all for this team and the fans, and we have been lucky enough to be a part of it.

Pats 31-Titans 14 Let’s Go!