Patriots Should Stop Talking And Prove It On The Field

Patriots Should Stop Talking And Prove It On The Field

Kyle Van Noy needs to stop talking

The Patriots do a lot better when they say nothing and do their talking on gameday. Usually it’s the other teams that give the Patriots bulletin board material to use during the week, but not this time. Kyle Van Noy called this postseason a “Revenge Tour” because they lost to Tennessee last year and have lost to Kansas City, and Baltimore this season. That is very not Patriot like, to say that and not take it one game at a time. He should’ve said something like they are taking it as a one-game season and leave it at that. Instead, he gave the Titans something to use on Saturday.

Nobody from 2003-2004 would say anything

Not one player from the 2003-2004 Patriots would ever say something like that. They would prove it on the field and shut everyone up from talking in the locker room. The Patriots defense has gotten exposed these last few weeks. They went 8-0 and dominated the first half of the year against bottom of the league offenses. They then called themselves the “Boogeymen” and lost to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football. They would go 4-4 in the second half of the year. I wouldn’t be talking about any revenge tours. I’d be taking it a game at a time.

Talk means nothing if you can’t prove it on the field

This is the difference between this team and prior years: They don’t have key offensive players to help them in big games. Missing Gronkowski is huge for big plays and blocking. Giving up 27 points to the Dolphins with a first-round bye on the line is not something a number one defense does. They aren’t on a revenge tour, they are on a one-game season schedule. The tour could end early Saturday night if they lose at home to the Titans because they wanted to run their mouth during the week.

Also, Van Noy saying he wants to get paid the day after a loss means he won’t be back next year as a Patriot. You don’t talk contracts and revenge tours during playoff week. Belichick won’t like either comment, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t start Saturday night because of it. The season is on the line the last thing you should talk about is your contract. Save that until your season is over. Brady can’t pull it out of his butt every time. Other guys need to step up both offensively and defensively in the big games. Big test for them on Saturday night.