Patriots Will Play On Wild-Card Weekend

Patriots Will Play On Wild-Card Weekend

The Patriots didn’t deserve the first-round bye

The Patriots will play Saturday night against the Tennessee Titans on Wild-Card Weekend. The last time the Patriots played this weekend was ten years ago against the Baltimore Ravens and they lost. The Patriots have never made the Super Bowl without getting a first round bye in the playoffs. The road to the Super Bowl now seems like a long shot as they’ll most likely have to play Kansas City and Baltimore on the road. Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins was unacceptable. The so-called Number One Defense didn’t show up at all, and Gilmore got burnt on everything. The Dolphins double-covered Edelman, which forced Brady to go to other receivers. And Brady was either off or the receivers dropped it.

Mohamed Sanu was a waste of a pickup

I’m not sure where Mohamed Sanu is in this offense. The Patriots traded for him after releasing Antonio Brown, and he’s given them nothing since he’s been here. They should’ve traded for Emmanuel Sanders instead. As for Phillip Dorsett, he finally showed up yesterday after being missing for weeks it seems. As for the defense, they let Ryan Fitzpatrick put up 27 points against the number one ranked unit. Also, missing a legit tight end like Rob Gronkowski is killing them this year. Not only was he good at running routes and making a big play, but his blocking was intense and is missed this year.

Is this Patriots defense legit?

So now the question: Is the defense flawed? What happened to the boogeymen defense? Is it because of just not showing up, which is wrong considering a first-round bye the was on the line? The belief that the defense is that good shifted after yesterday, because a number one ranked defense would not allow Ryan Fitzpatrick to beat you at home with the potential to be off the following week.

As for Brady, he admitted he needs to play better. However, he seems injured even though he says everything is fine, like when someone asks how your day was and you give the answer so they leave you alone. But there is something obviously something wrong with Brady and the elbow. The worst offense since the 2006 season needs to be bette,r because Edelman can’t be the superhero when he’s double covered every third down or big play. As for the defense, especially Gilmore, they need to be a lot better in a big game or they’ll be one and done very quickly.

With the Titans coming to Foxborough Saturday night head coach Mike Vrabel is going to have his team ready to go. Vrabel and the Titans beat the Patriots last season in Tennessee. Could they beat them again in a playoff game? If they double cover Edelman and force Brady to throw it to other receivers and expose the holes in that defense then yes they can.