Tom Brady/Bill Belichick Talking Football Is Awesome

Tom Brady/Bill Belichick Talking Football Is Awesome

Tom Brady/ Bill Belichick talking football is gold

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on the NFL Top 100 Friday night was Patriots porn at it’s best. Belichick knew from training camp in 2000 that Brady was something special, and all these years later they share a special legacy together. Talking about how winning his (Brady’s) first Super Bowl was like another Bowl game he would play in college. It didn’t really phase him then, but winning three out of four was even more special. Brady didn’t think winning the Super Bowl was hard until 2011. The chemistry those two have is incredible and something you’ll never see again from a coach and quarterback. They swap ideas all the time, as Belichick sees the game from coaches’ view and Brady sees it as a player’s view.

They sometimes don’t get along, but they talk it out and come up with a solution just like everything else. I do not think there is any hate between those two guys. They respect the hell out of each other, and what they’ve accomplished together over 19 years is something you’ll never see again. It was great hearing them talk about Peyton Manning ,and Brady was saying how he learned plays or routes from Manning watching him and talking to him. He still does that today with the other quarterbacks. He’ll watch them then take notes to use it during their games.

Belichick and Brady have the top respect for each other

I would love it if Belichick and Brady did that more often because that would be awesome. There was talk that Brady was walking at the end of this season. But after watching that whatever happens, they’ll always have respect for one another. Whether he retires or not they made something happen in New England that nobody can take away from them.

Brady is a rare breed and very honored to be on the top NFL 100 list for quarterbacks. Joe Montana will never admit that Brady is the best quarterback of all time, but he is. Brady has surpassed Montana after his Super Bowl win over the Atlanta Falcons coming back from 28-3. The rest is just gravy for him.