Could Be Final Games For Brady On The Patriots

Could Be Final Games For Brady On The Patriots

Tom Brady could be hanging it up soon

I was only eight when Tom Brady was drafted by the Patriots in 2000. Every season the Patriots are in the hunt for Super Bowl titles, and one of the main reasons is Tom Brady. Brady is the best quarterback ever in the NFL, and the last 20 seasons he’s accomplished more than anyone else. Brady is now in the same conversation as Michael Jordan talking about the greatest athletes ever. As this season closes reality is starting to kick in: This could be the final games for Brady in a Patriots uniform.

This season has been different for Brady, as there has been a lot of turnover at the receiver position. N’Keal Harry missed half the year and is just starting to produce, with Edelman always double covered and hurt. With Gronkowski retired the tight end position isn’t the same. Benjamin Watson has been in the league for a long time, but he’s no Gronkowski. And Matt Lacosse has been average. The offensive line has been terrible all year at protecting Brady and he has gotten sacked a lot. Finally, he won’t admit it, but he is hurt and it shows with his poor accuracy.

Brady has given us hints that a change could be coming

On a personal side, Brady has sold his house, stepped down from his Best Buddies charity has chairman, and really doesn’t seem happy. He’s 42, his contract is up at the end of the season, and I think the reality is kicking in for himself too that this might be it. He’ll never admit it, but this marriage between Brady and the Patriots is ending sooner rather than later. He was happy with the organization and won three Super Bowls, then after Garoppolo was drafted to replace Brady he stepped his game up and won two more before Garoppolo was traded. After winning another last year, and this year not really going the way he would like offensively, I think Brady will ride off into the sunset. I do not believe he will play for another team like Montana did. Brady has surpassed Montana and has claimed the GOAT title after he won in 2016.

He did what was best for the team year after year taking pay cuts. In the end it will pay off, because when they use their money elsewhere they make a Super Bowl run and win. This time, though, I think Brady has the final say. He has the rings, fame, and glory. Now he can be there for his family and watch his kids grow up. He can grow TB12 and invest more time and energy into that too. Whatever happens this season, whether they win the Super Bowl or not, I think we are looking at the final games for TB12 playing in a Patriots uniform. So Gillette Stadium better be rocking and going crazy during that AFC Divisional Playoff game, and give him the standing ovation and “Brady” chant he deserves.