The Celtics’ BIG Question

The Celtics’ BIG Question

The question of the season that has been circulating among fans and media alike is: “Should the Celtics make a move for a legit big man?” I won’t argue we are lacking in size, but I do have a few thoughts and concerns when thinking about any deals Danny could make by the trade deadline.


I fully believe the Celtics franchise is a huge draw for many NBA players, but ultimately, they want to get paid. It is no secret the Celtics are very limited in what they can offer to entice any big to come to Boston. I’m hearing names like Steve Adams, Clint Capella, Lamarcus Aldridge, any of which would be a great addition, but would require a lot of assets to get them in green. Assets like, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Enes Kanter, the Memphis pick and of course the money needed for contract extensions very soon. Rumors are even circulating that Jayson Tatum could be up for grabs as well. Smart, Brown, Tatum are all much too high of a price to pay in my opinion.

Developing Bigs

As I just mentioned, the lack of salary is an issue, so it does’t really make sense to make any trades by February. At this point, any change the Celtics would make would be merely lateral. No one available is showing stats that out shine the current Centers, at least not that I can see. The fact we have a relatively young roster begs the question: Do we just wait for them to develop into the bigs we need? Timelord is showing great promise, and all he really needs is (forgive the pun) time. Time along with a little more bulk and minutes on the floor to help him get into his rhythm. He reminds me a lot of a young Jaylen Brown, mostly productive, but occasionally gets lost on defense. Brad Stevens has been able to work that out of JB, I have complete faith he will do the same for Rob. Trading Enes Kanter would be a big mistake. Aside from being such a likable guy, when he’s on the court, he’s contributing. The Celtics have never been known as the team that fights for the rebound. Last year, after 82 games, the Cs averaged about 44.5 rebounds. This year after only 24 games, they are averaging 45.2 rebounds. I can only attribute that to Kanter’s presence. We need to keep this trend going. While Theis may have reached his fullest potential, he is consistent and there’s no one else affordable right now to trade him for. For now, I think we need to develop who we have and even depend a little harder on some of our smaller guys like Smart, even Grant Williams, to defend a little more and keep the opposing bigs at bay.


I don’t want to beat the proverbially dead horse, but if we’ve learned anything from last year, team chemistry is a huge factor in a team’s success. The Celtics have got that going strong this year, and I fear the addition to anyone new may disrupt that. I love seeing the ball movement on the court, and I love seeing the smiles on the bench. I don’t want anything to hinder that moving forward to the playoffs. The Cs have surprised everyone this year, even Brad Stevens, commented during a postgame interview that “We’re further ahead than I expected at this time.” Why disrupt that right now?

I have complete trust in Danny to do what’s best for our beloved Celtics. I’ll be interested to see what happens as we approach the trade deadline. But for now, I will love this team as is and will always, #bleedgreen.

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