Be Thankful For Tom Brady

Be Thankful For Tom Brady

Tom Brady the GOAT

Tom Brady could be walking away after this season, and who could blame him? He’s 42 and the most accomplished quarterback in NFL History. His passion and poise for the game are like no other quarterback to ever do it. When he arrived in 2000 he told owner Robert Kraft this would be the best decision this organization has ever made. Boy, was he right. He came in for Drew Bledsoe and the rest is history. He’s had many ups and downs throughout his 20-year career, but he’s done it with one team, one owner, and one coach.

I remember when the Patriots won the first three out of four Super Bowls from 2001-2004 and being told by my dad this doesn’t happen every year, enjoy it while you can. Fast Forward fifteen years later and Brady’s won three more, being the only quarterback in NFL history to win six Super Bowl Championships. The NFL in general should be thankful for Tom Brady playing in the NFL, and year after year competing for another championship. The Patriots are of course thankful for Brady, who year after year took less money so the team could spend it elsewhere. Finally, the fans should be thankful for the winning this guy has done over the last two decades.

Tom Brady never quits

When people think of Brady what are the three words that come to mind? Mine are competitor, leader, and always wanting more. Brady will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Every time people try and bring him down, he proves them wrong. Every single time. He doesn’t do it by talking to the media, but by proving it on the field.This year the offense has struggled, between the turnover at the receiver position and the injuries. Tom seems to have trouble connecting with his receivers, and he’s even said they’ve been inconsistent. Hopefully, as we head into January, it turns around as we are about to approach the end of the season.

What I miss the most are those early 2000s Peyton Manning Tom Brady AFC Championships. Those games were so intense and so awesome, we don’t see that type of rivalry anymore in the AFC between two quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are too young, and not even close to Peyton. I would love to see a Tom Brady Drew Brees Super Bowl, but not sure that will happen either.

If Brady does walk away after this season the whole league is saying goodbye to a legend. I can’t see him playing for another team, and with his kids getting older and selling his house I do believe he’s setting himself up to retire. He has the TB12 going for him and can expand that. His play has dropped and he hasn’t been a big participant in the practices this season, as Belichick noted today. But Tom Brady is one of, if not the very best thing to happen to the Patriots in their history.