Tom Brady Shocks Joe Mixon

Tom Brady Shocks Joe Mixon

Despite the Bengals 12th loss of the season, RB Joe Mixon was very excited after the game. Mixon did his job for the Bengals, racking up 136 yards on 25 carries, but there’s a different reason for his excitement than you’d think.

Mixon took it to the Pats defense who have been suspect at times against RBs

Joe Mixon feeling star struck after loss to N.E

As the seconds ticked off the clock, players from both teams made their way to midfield to shake hands like they do every week.

Patriots QB Tom Brady ran into the dynamic running back and left quite the impression on him. Mixon couldn’t believe he shook Tom Brady’s hand. But hey, wouldn’t you be a little nervous too? Here’s Mixon’s tweet hours after the game, still feeling the effects from the GOAT.

Don’t worry Joe. I’m sure Tom will send you one when he sees your tweet.

The Patriots ended up winning 34-13, and they’re now 11-3. Brady and the boys have a tough game coming up on Saturday vs Buffalo. The AFC east now has two teams in the playoff mix.

As for the Bengals, I’m sure we’ll be talking about them for quite awhile. Joe Mixon will continue to shred defenses, and I bet he’ll end up with a special Christmas gift he was too nervous to ask for.

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