The Cincinnati Bengals Want To Make Something Out Of Nothing

The Cincinnati Bengals Want To Make Something Out Of Nothing

Here we go again and this time it’s a non-story. The Patriots don’t need to tape the sideline of the terrible, awful one win Cincinnati Bengals to gain an advantage. Whoever thinks that just wants to make something out of nothing. I’m not going to get into the details because by now everyone knows the story and the Patriots released a statement. They wouldn’t jeopardize their credibility again, especially against a worthless team like the Bengals who have won nothing. Seriously, what have the Bengals ever won as a franchise? Why would Belichick need any illegal footage of their sideline to gain an advantage? He wouldn’t. If they were taping the Ravens or the Chiefs sideline we may have something to talk about, but not the Bengals.

People really want to believe Belichick would do this to the useless Bengals

This news just made this week all about this dumb story instead of talking about Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs and how bad the Patriots are on offense. It’s always, “Let’s do something that will take down this team”, when I’m sure every other team is doing it. Belichick can take notes from the Bengals game film more efficiently than from guy working for Kraft Sports Productions. The guy made a mistake and will probably be fired because of the distraction it has now caused. Again, the Patriots don’t need to cheat to beat the useless Bengals.

During Wednesday’s press conference it will all be about the dumb non-story and not about the actual game. Belichick will give the death stare to reporters and not answer any questions, probably saying a statement has already been released. The Bengals have nothing that could benefit the Patriots by doing what the Kraft Productions employee did. Belichick gets more things out of the game film and looking at the different formations and such.

Every time something happens they are questioned about it like it’s the end of the world. If this was any other team would this be a huge story or made into a big deal? The answer is no. The Houston Astros cheated and the news wasn’t as big nationally as this could be. That’s because it’s the Patriots and nobody can appreciate the success they have. It’s all about the drama and trying to gain a competitive advantage. All of the Patriots Super Bowl wins are legit, and this whole run wouldn’t be possible without Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. For the rest that wants to create something out of nothing can find something better to do.