Is Taylor Hall A Fit For The Bruins?

Is Taylor Hall A Fit For The Bruins?

New Jersey Devils star Taylor Hall is currently the hottest name on the NHL trade market. Hall is a five time NHL All Star, and a one time winner of the Hart Memorial trophy. Hall has 536 points in his NHL career in only 591 games played. Could Taylor Hall be the offensive powerhouse that the Bruins need to get that second line back to being dominant? Absolutely. Is it realistic to say the Bruins acquire him? Not so much.

Money money money

With Hall currently making $6 Million per season, and this being the last year on his contract it would be very hard for the Bruins to make room for him on the current roster, or to come up with the money to keep him in Boston after this season. Hall is only 28 and will surely draw a lot of attention come at the end of this season regardless of who he finishes the season with. With the Bruins already in store for a very active offseason due to the pending free agents already on the roster, I doubt they would want to add another big name to that list.

Doesn’t fit the Boston Bruins mold

Taylor Hall has a bit of a bad reputation in the NHL. Former Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ferance was the captain on the 2014-2015 team in Edmonton where Taylor Hall was one of a group of very young and talented players. Ference went on to explain that Hall was essentially more focused on the fame and fortunes of the NHL than he was on practicing hard and improving as a player.

While Hall’s off the ice antics seem to be in the past, his work on the ice tends to be rather soft-hearted as well. Not always willing to bring it 100% every second of every game. While he wouldn’t be the first in Bruins history to do that, he would also not be liked, just like the others who have cheated their teammates and fans in Boston.

Very high price for too many risks

As I stated earlier, Taylor Hall will be a very big, if not the biggest name on the market this offseason. That will surely only drive up the price for any team who wants to bring him in. For the price that it will take to bring Hall back to Boston, it would take a significant salary dump from the Bruins to do so. It would likely take dumping the salary of David Backes, who most teams are not willing to take on without some compensation. So not only would the Bruins have to give up a hefty price in prospects and draft picks, they would then have to dump salary, which would require even more picks and prospects. All for a guy who might not play more than 50 games for the Bruins. With the current Bruins prospect situation, I highly doubt Don Sweeney and company would be willing to part ways with a significant amount of picks and or prospects in any case, much less for a rental.

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