The Chiefs Game A Must-Win For The Patriots

The Chiefs Game A Must-Win For The Patriots

It’s a Must win game for the Patriots tomorrow afternoon

The Patriots are 10-2 and host the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow afternoon at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots are coming off a tough loss on Sunday Night Football last week in Houston, and have fallen to second place in the conference. There was a lot of talk surrounding the Patriots that they hadn’t played anybody good earlier in the season, and wait until they start playing a real team. Well, they played Baltimore and lost, played the Eagles and Cowboys and won both games. With the loss last week this is the final test to see if the Patriots are legit contenders in the playoffs.

If they were to lose tomorrow that would mean the division would be on the line. The Bills come to Gillette on December 21st, and by then the AFC East is usually wrapped up. I would hate to see this be Brady’s last season and they don’t have a top seed in the playoffs. They have everything on their side though, between playing at home to having a strong defense. Belichick has built this defense to take out the aggressive Kansas City offense. The Patriots are the best at bouncing back from a loss though, and Brady said that yesterday at his press conference.

Tom Brady knows what’s a stake

“There’s been a lot of urgency. I think when we win and when we lose, Coach [Bill Belichick] puts us right back into the mode of preparation and getting us ready back to play a game. So, this is a big one – it’s on our schedule next and it’s a big challenge for us. So, hopefully we can go out and meet a great challenge. It’s going to be a great football game.”

A rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game will be a good one. However, the Patriots offense is weaker than it was last year. Mohamed Sanu and Phillip Dorsett are really going to need to step it up this week if they want to win. Those two were silent last week, with Julian Edelman double covered all the time the other guys need to step up or you’ll see Brady yelling on the sidelines again. Maybe expect to see James White used a little more in the backfield tomorrow.

I do think the defense will make the stops and Andy Reid will make a dumb coaching mistake that will cost the Chiefs the game. It will be a rock fight, because if Sanu or Dorsett doesn’t step up it will be hard for the offense to get points. They can’t settle for field goals every time and expect to win. They need to score a touchdown when they reach the red zone. Patriots squeak this one out 24-20 and improve to 11-2.