Has Tom Brady Lost Hope In The Offense?

Has Tom Brady Lost Hope In The Offense?

Tom has a right to be frustrated

We are now in December and still haven’t seen this offense at its full potential. Between the turnover at receiver, rookies not connecting with Tom Brady, and Dorsett and Sanu nowhere to be found it is very frustrating. Brady has come to the realization that there’s been inconsistencies this season on the offensive side of the ball. In Brady’s entire 20 year career this is the worst offense he’s had since 2006. Brady used to turn an average receiver into a decent player. This season Brady only has Edelman Harry and Sanu got to this team late in the season and now can’t adjust. Rookie Jakobi Meyers also can’t get on the same page with Brady which isn’t a good sign when there are six weeks left in the season.

There’s no trust between Brady and his receivers except Edelman

The ones that complain that Brady shows emotion during the games because his receivers aren’t on the same page need to give him a break. Brady has been on this team for two decades and has taken a pay cut after pay cut so they can use the money elsewhere. It’s very frustrating when you draft a receiver in the first round and he misses half the season then comes back and isn’t 100%. He knows this team’s potential and they aren’t living up to it. He’s had no drop off in his physical ability to get the ball to the receiver. Sometimes he makes a bad decision but most of the time its guys running the wrong route or not being on the same page with the quarterback.

The Patriots had Edelman, Antonio Brown, and Josh Gordon at one point in this season. However, the only reliable one is Edelman when it comes down to it. Gordon had some discipline issues, and Brown doesn’t know how to put down his phone. So now Brady is left with Edelman, who’s double covered and a bunch of guys who can’t get on the same page with him. But we just expect Brady to sit back and watch him not care? This could be his last season as his contract is up.

Brady is not all of the problems

Are some of the issues Brady’s fault too? Yes of course, but he’s not majority of the problem. The majority are these young guys not getting it, and the veterans Sanu and Dorsett are nowhere to be found. Has Brady given up on this offense? If he has he’ll never admit it publicly, but he does realize they aren’t as good as they have been in years past. I haven’t even touched on Benjamin Watson, who is a good blocker but that’s it. And Matt Lacosse is average at best.