Tom Brady’s Elbow Is Not A Concern

Tom Brady’s Elbow Is Not A Concern

The Patriots will be fine

The Patriots offense has been the weakness of this team without a doubt. Tom Brady showed frustration after the win over the Eagles because the offense didn’t score any points. He also only passed for 216 yards. Brady was better over the win against the Cowboys, and N’Keal Harry caught the first touchdown pass of his career. Brady has been on the injury report a lot over the past two weeks with an elbow injury. He’s also been limited in practice. However, don’t expect Brady to not play anytime soon.

Tom Brady will not miss a game

Brady hasn’t missed a game since the 2008 season. It would really take an ACL tear again to keep him out. An elbow injury can easily be treated but could be the reason he seems to be off in games. Brady has thrown for 15 touchdowns so far, with five interceptions this season. His completion percentage is at 62.2%. In the first quarter this season the Patriots have 800 yards passing, six touchdowns and one interception. That isn’t bad considering how the offense has struggled. That offense has dealt with a lot of turnover this season, and adding Brady’s injury doesn’t help. Their biggest issue is on third down. The Patriots average 767 yards with six touchdowns and four interceptions this season. They need to improve on third down and in the red zone.

Brady doesn’t seem too concerned with his elbow injury. He spoke to Jim Gray on Monday Night about his it and that you shouldn’t be worried. “

“I like to believe that over the years I’ve gotten a little bit smarter about how to take care of myself,” Brady told Jim Gray, per the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin. “I know when I need a little time, whether it’s a day or a practice, rather than be stubborn and push through things like I probably used to … I spent a lot of time with (trainer) Alex (Guerrero) getting extra treatment and did so after the game (and) did so today,”

Brady knows his potential and wants the best out of him and his teammates. If he thinks they can be better he’s going to show it. If he thinks they did a good job he’s going to let them know. He’s been doing this for 20 years and still loves the game on a daily basis. There is not a lot of injuries that would make Brady stop playing the game he loves.