Boston Celtics: Plenty to Be Thankful For

Boston Celtics: Plenty to Be Thankful For

Shamrocks on sweatshirts and even on mittens, white pretty unis w/names that are written, 17 banners that hang on their strings, these are a few of my favorite things! With songs swirling in my mind and the parade on TV, I’ve decided to take a few moments and list a few reasons why I’m thankful for the Boston Celtics.

Brad Stevens: I’ll start with our coach. I am so thankful to have such an amazing basketball mind at the helm. He leads with steadiness and allows his players to develop their game. I’m thankful he finds ways to utilize the strength of everyone on his roster without compromising the effectiveness of anyone. I’m even more thankful to see him challenge calls, and I love watching him draw up plays that leave opposing coaching stunned and in awe. I can’t wait to see Brad win his first NBA title!

Jaylen Brown: Standing 6’6″, 223lbs, Jaylen brings a maturity to the game this year that we’ve been waiting to see from him. There were hints in the past few seasons, but I’m thankful that he’s learned he doesn’t need to dunk on every possession he has. Even more thankful that he finds himself more consistent and that I can rely on him to score and make plays that positively impact the game. He’s been more alert on defense, where in the past he’s seemed lost on where to be. I’m thankful that he uses his fame to positively impact the world and can’t wait to see more from this young man.

Gordon Hayward: I’m so thankful that our 6’7″, 225lb Forward has returned this season. I felt so bad for him last year when everyone was shouting, “Trade Him!” I knew he still had life in those hands and before his injury he was proving it over and over. I’m thankful that he’ll be stepping back on the court sooner than later as well. We need his nearly 20 points a game! I’m thankful for his upbeat spirits and can’t wait to see what “Play-off Gordon” will be like later on.

Enes Kanter: As soon as I heard the 6’10”, 250lb Center was heading to Boston I was very excited. I’m thankful we finally have a top rebounder on the roster! Even without consistent minutes on the floor, Kanter is averaging 6.1 rebounds and 7.2 points, of which many are second chance shots that we would normally miss out on. I’m thankful for his sense of humor, I’m sure his antics lighten the mood everywhere he goes. I’m also very thankful for all he’s done for the underprivileged with the free basketball camps this summer, as well as how he champions human rights everywhere. Enes is an example to us all, and I really hope to see you in the white and green uniform for a long time. I can’t wait to see how opponents react when his defense becomes stronger as he learns Brad Steven’s system.

Semi Ojeleye: First of all, I’m very thankful this Forward’s 6’6″, 240lbs of pure muscle frame didn’t end Kemba Walker’s career. Semi’s dedication and understanding of his role has always endeared him to me. I’m thankful that we have him to guard one of our great nemesis, the Greek Freak, and is becoming more productive with every minute on the court. I’m very thankful that he shares his faith openly and is a light to those around him. I can’t wait to see his 3 point shot go in every time!

Marcus Smart: I don’t think there’s enough room to list everything I’m thankful for in our 6’3″, 220lb guard. I’m thankful for his shamrock shaped heart that never ceases to beat and work for this team. I’m thankful that even though he doesn’t fill the stat sheet, his winning plays are abundant and his hustle never stops. His ninja-like moves are something I look forward to and his opponents fear. I am thankful he invests in the younger guys coming into the league like Grant Williams, who will one day rival Smart in his grit and guarding prowess. I can’t wait to see Marcus become Defensive Player of the Year!

Jayson Tatum: I am so thankful that Danny Ainge drafted this 6’8, 210lb Power Forward a few years ago. While I know that Jayson would have loved to be the #1 pick, he’s proven that #3 is the real winning number. Tatum’s game is improving each year, and I love to see him stepping into his role more confidently and comfortably. His 30 point game against LAC was just a hint of what’s to come from this young man. I’m thankful to see him stepping up as a dad, and how he shows love to his mother. To me, that’s the truest form of success. I can’t wait to see Jayson suit up for the All-Stars this year!

Kemba Walker: I had recently tweeted how I have always secretly loved this 6’0″, 184lb Point Guard. I’m so thankful how I can now say it out loud. He exudes true leadership and work ethic. I’m thankful that he doesn’t appear to let the tough losses, or poor shooting games, get him down. I’m thankful that he brings a smile with him eveywhere he goes. I’m especially thankful that his injury was minor and he can now work on a 159 games played streak. I can’t wait to see him dazzle the TD Garden on a real contending NBA playoff team!

Danny Ainge: I wish I had time to list everyone on our roster. I am truly thankful for all of our guys, Grant, Rob, Theis, Carson and so on, but I would be remiss to not thank Danny for putting such an amazing group of guys together. I have always been amazed at his trade wizardry and ability to make what would seem impossible, possible. I can’t wait to see what magic his procures in the future.

I do wish everyone on the Celtics roster, coaching staff and administration, as well as our readers, a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all take some time to think on the good things and as always, #bleedgreen!

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