Robert Kraft Has 23 winning Seasons, In 26 years As Owner

Robert Kraft Has 23 winning Seasons, In 26 years As Owner

Robert Kraft’s Success over the years

When Robert Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994 his one goal was to bring a Super Bowl to Foxborough. Fast forward 26 years later they now have six, and are the most accomplished football team in NFL History. Kraft’s vision of winning started when he bought the team. He’s had some great coaches like Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll, and Bill Belichick. During the late 90s, Kraft’s team was built pretty well, with players like Teddy Bruschi, Willie McGinest and Ty Law among others. When Kraft hired Belichick in 2000 and they drafted Tom Brady that same year history would change forever.

Having Belichick and Brady is the best decisions he’s ever made as the owner

Kraft without a doubt has become the greatest owner in Football. He owes many thanks to Belichick and Brady, who for two decades have gone to nine Super Bowls, winning six of them. They win the division every year and appear in the AFC Championship year after year. They are always considered the number one or two seed in the AFC, and have a dominant team year after year. Kraft has built up Patriot Place over the years too. They’ve introduced the Hall at Patriot Place and hold an induction ceremony every summer.

Before Kraft bought the team people were sitting on cold bleachers watching the Patriots have losing seasons year after year. Now they sell out every game and have a beautiful stadium and the tickets are hard to get. Kraft has many more ups than downs as the owner of the team. They are the best at handling distractions and don’t let anything get in the way of winning. Kraft has built a winning empire for twenty years, and hopefully keeps going for many years to come.