Crumbs Leading To Antonio Brown Reunion With The Patriots.

Crumbs Leading To Antonio Brown Reunion With The Patriots.

The shot rang out across Instagram around 11AM today. Antonio Brown apologized to Robert Kraft for the “…bad media and the drama!”. What does this mean?

Many of AB’s old teammates sure seem to appreciate it:

Antonio Brown is still dealing with all kinds of difficult allegations. These allegations have yet to be taken up by a criminal court. However, every time news of Brown returning pops up the civil suit all of a sudden comes back into his life.

The only difference between when Brown was released and now is that the NFL has interviewed both him and his accuser.

A ruling from the NFL may be around the corner.

Oh these cagey media guys! All Bets? If the ruling is coming that AB is cleared to play, and the official radio partner of the Patriots is hearing rumors, one plus one = Antonio Brown back with the Pats.

Tom Brady’s displeasure notwithstanding, Robert Kraft would have to sign off, and (although I wouldn’t put it past them) Kraft and the Patriots would have to put out a public statement of some kind.

Things are about to get a lot more interesting in Foxborough.