David Ortiz All-Time Moments

David Ortiz All-Time Moments

If you’re a Red Sox fan like I am, you can’t help but love David Ortiz. I mean, let’s take a look at the stats, shall we?

The numbers in the tweet say it all. Ortiz was monumental for the Red Sox during his career. Today is his 44th birthday, so why not look back at some all time moments with our beloved “Big Papi”? Let’s do that right now! Let’s look at some of the best moments of David Ortiz in a Red Sox uniform.

Game 4 2004 ALCS Game-Winning Homerun

This was one of the best homeruns I’d ever seen in my young life. Ortiz put the Red Sox on his back. This homerun helped the Red Sox trim the series deficit to 3-1, giving the Red Sox another game. The way Ortiz clears his hands here are unbelievable. The at bat itself was quite amazing. Who knew that this was only the start of many Ortiz great moments?

Game 5 2004 ALCS Game-Winning Single

This helped get the series back to New York. The Red Sox had Curt Schilling for game six and Derek Lowe for game seven. I loved their chances after this game was won. Who won it? David Ortiz, surprise, surprise! This is a moment that typically gets swept under the rug in Ortiz’s awesome career.

Post Boston Marathon Bombing Speech

Ortiz delivered quite the speech after the Boston Marathon bombings. This set the tone for that entire season. The way Ortiz captivates the city with this is just incredible. He made sure people knew that nobody could mess with Boston again. If you need to be inspired, this is the video for you. This is our *bleeping* city!

Game 2 2013 ALCS Grand Slam

Everything about this moment is amazing. It turned the series around. Obviously, you had the bullpen cop’s iconic hand motion become legendary in Boston. If it isn’t for this swing, the Red Sox lose the 2013 ALCS. If you don’t remember where you were when this moment happened, then you’re missing out on a fantastic memory.

2013 World Series Game 4 Speech

When the Red Sox were in danger of falling to a 3-1 deficit against the Cardinals, David Ortiz stepped up again. This time, it wasn’t with his bat. It was with his mouth. He got his teammates fired up and look what happened next. A comeback win in game four, a win in game five, and they close the World Series out at home in game six. Sometimes, it’s the power of words that can help a team and Ortiz helped with his legendary speech.

His 500th Career Homerun

The quality isn’t great, but you all know what happened here. David Ortiz lifts a homerun into the seats at Tropicana Field for his 500th career homerun. Ortiz always found a way to launch baseballs deep into the seats at Tropicana. So the fact that his 500th career homerun was here shouldn’t be surprising. Man, do I miss this guy mashing baseballs against the Rays!

David Ortiz will never be forgotten in the city of Boston. You all saw exactly what happened when Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic several months ago. Boston came to his aide and has helped him every step of the way. David Ortiz will always love Boston and Boston will always love him right back. So if you miss David Ortiz as much as I do, there are a few moments to look back on, reflect on, and put a smile on your face. Thanks for all of the good memories, Big Papi!

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