Belichick Trolls Lane Johnson – 2 Years In The Making

Belichick Trolls Lane Johnson – 2 Years In The Making

Bill Belichick was having fun in Philly yesterday, as his team got another shot at the Eagles. Patriots fans should remember Lane Johnson for his asinine comments about New England.

Here’s the guy who thinks 1 SB is better than 6

After the heartbreaking loss in 2017 to the Eagles, Lane Johnson went on a podcast to talk about the Patriots. Johnson mentioned the “Patriot way” saying “I think they’re a fear based organization. Obviously they win, hell yes they win and have for a long time.” Johnson continues, “Do I think people enjoy it and can say, ‘I had a lot of fun playing there?’ No, I don’t.” Thinking he couldn’t sound any less intelligent he capped off this ridiculous quote with an all timer. “I’d much rather have fun and win ONE Super Bowl than be miserable and win FIVE Super Bowls.”

Bill Belichick and company have now won SIX Super Bowls, and they’ve been loving life and having fun since Johnson’s comments. Bill may keep things subtle, but he is really a savage, waiting two years to drop this on the Eagles and specifically Johnson himself, and it’s awesome.

Whatever Johnson thinks or believes about the “Patriot way” he’s simply just a jealous opponent and would cut his thumb off to play for the Patriots.

Lane wanted to act tough after his victory, but once again even when the Pats lose they end up winning in the end. Since SB52 the Patriots have excelled as they always do, winning last years SB and sitting at 9-1 as Philly is struggling. Sorry Lane you got “Belichicked”, and a friendly reminder that 6 > 1