Team Shamrock All Stars

Team Shamrock All Stars

The NBA All-Star Weekend has always been a fun mid-season break for both players and fans. From the 3 point contest to the All Star Game itself, it’s an event full of excitement, talent and skill. While February seems so far away, it’s never too early to question how many of our guys in green should receive the illusive invitation to Chicago. One could argue the Celtics are too young and inexperienced to send more than just one or two guys, but I would like to cast my vote for the following players.

Kemba Walker

Clearly Kemba is a no-brainer. Already making two All-Star appearances as a reserve, he definitely deserves another invitation. Kemba is an elite point guard in the league. So far he is averaging 25 points a game, and is proving to be a defensive menace as well. Walker’s style of play would only enhance the game for his fellow teammates and spectators alike. He’s showing his ability to get others involved, averaging 4.6 assists early in this season, and I’m sure that number will continue to increase with each passing game. His talent speaks for itself, and I’m expecting a third consecutive appearance, perhaps even in the starting line up.

Jaylen Brown

I know that Jaylen is still young, but I think he deserves an invitation to the All-Stars and not just as a Rising Star. There is no way anyone can miss how well he has been playing this season. He’s aggressive, he’s getting to the line and grabbing and average of 7.2 rebounds, not to mention his dunks would be a pretty spectacular addition to the program. I’m not arguing for a starting spot for him, but he certainly deserves to hear his name announced in front of the many fans at the United Center this February.

Marcus Smart

While Marcus‘ box scores would argue the validity of this invitation, he deserves to be recognized for all he bring to the game defensively. Only standing 6’3″, you would think guarding guys 6-7 inches taller would be too much to ask. Not for a member of the 2018-2019 All Defensive Team. Smart can take a charge, stop the most unstoppable guards in the league, and occasionally drop a much needed 3 pointer to boost the morale of his team. I personally would like to see a more competitive All-Star game this year, and Marcus is just the guy to make it one.

Jayson Tatum

Jayson’s and Jaylen’s stats are nearly identical and therefore, it goes to say, if Jaylen should be in Chicago this February, so should Jayson. Tatum continues to show promise of not only proving invitation worthy to the All-Stars, but being a star in the entire NBA. He’s worked on his shot and no longer settles for mid-range jumpers. Defensively, he’s stealing the ball, guarding his man, even on a bad shooting night, he still made an impact keeping the likes of Porzingus at bay. At the very least, I think Jayson should compete in the 3 point contest, but I think having more of our deserving young guys on the court February 16th would be great.

Gordon Hayward

Before his injury, Gordon was certainly working his way back to the All-Star arena, and that’s why I’m keeping him on my list. It was just bad luck and bad timing for him to break his hand, but fortunately, it’s not season ending. I have no worries that Gordon will pick up right where he left off. I think we Celtic’s fans really underestimated his basketball IQ because of the way he played last year. I’ve been so impressed with his ability to get into the right place and make the right play. Whether it’s taking the shot, posting up, blocking out opponents or knocking down his free throws, he gets the job done. Gordon Hayward, you have got my All-Star vote, and hope to see you ready to play very soon!

Future All-Stars

Because most of our roster is young, I can’t really give my vote….yet. I think Javonte Green, Carsen Edwards and maybe even Grant Williams have the potential to one day open their mail box and find that All-Star invitation. Regardless, if Team Shamrock makes an appearance during the mid-season, I’ll keep enjoying watching them play and make basketball fun to watch. As always, I will #bleedgreen!

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