Dwight Evans Shot At The Hall of Fame

Dwight Evans Shot At The Hall of Fame

A lot of Red Sox greats have walked through the doors of Fenway Park. From Carl Yastrzemski to Carlton Fisk, to the Pedro Martinez and David Ortizs’ of the world, the Red Sox have had a lot of great players in their organization. One player often overlooked is former right fielder and first baseman Dwight Evans. “Dewey” as a lot of people called him, was a big part of the Red Sox throughout the 1980’s. But, you never really hear about his Hall of Fame case. The big question here would be: does Dwight Evans have a shot at making the Hall of Fame? Let’s look at what would give “Dewey” a shot of ending up in Cooperstown.

His Unbelieveable Glove

It’s tough enough to win a Gold Glove award in the MLB. It’s also hard to win multiple gold gloves. Now, we take a look at Dwight Evans and the gold glove. Dwight Evans won the gold glove eight times. That’s right, EIGHT times! That is a testament to how good of a glove Evans had during his entire 20 year career. Think about it this way. In 20 years, Evans made 78 errors. If you break it down, that’s essentially only four errors a season. In only two of those seasons, Evans committed a double digit amount of errors. When you’ve had a glove as good as Evans had, that should be the first point to get him the call to the hall.

He Was A Three Time All-star

I know, the number doesn’t necessarily jump out as far as impressive statistics are concerned. But if you look at those three seasons, Evans was crucial for the Red Sox. In 1978, Evans finished with 24 homeruns and 63 RBI’s. Then of course, you have the 1981 season which was arguably the best in his entire MLB career. Evans finished with a .296 average, 22 homeruns, and 71 RBI’s along with a .937 POS. In 1987, he finished with a .305 average, along with 34 homeruns and 123 RBI’s. Keep in mind, in 1984, Evans finished with a .295 average along with 32 homeruns and 104 RBI’s. He wasn’t an All-Star that season. So, he should have been a four time All-Star and had several other quality seasons to add to the resume.

His Bat When It Mattered Most

This isn’t a stat that people necessarily pay attention to with the Hall of Fame voting. But when the games were the biggest, Dwight Evans played some of his best baseball. Evans played in the World Series twice with the Red Sox, once in 1975 and the other time in 1986. In those World Series appearances, Evans finished with a .300 average (15 for 50) with three home runs. Again, this isn’t a stat that baseball experts look at right away. But if people want to wonder how good Evans was when the lights were brightest, look at the World Series numbers. It’s a shame that Evans couldn’t muster up a World Series title for his performances.

These are the best cases to try to get Evans in the Hall of Fame. He has some really good numbers to go along with everything mentioned above. 385 homeruns, almost 2,500 hits, and nearly 1,400 RBI’s are also some other numbers to consider in Dewey’s case. If Evans never makes it in the Hall of Fame, so be it. But we as Red Sox fans (and Orioles fans in 1991) know just how good Evans was throughout his MLB career.

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