Torey Krug Brings Winning Elements On And Off The Ice

Torey Krug Brings Winning Elements On And Off The Ice

Torey Krug was given the honor to be one of the alternate captains for Friday’s game against the Red Wings. He has worn the “A” in Detroit before. It is quite the gesture for Krug, since he grew up in Livonia, Michigan. During and after the game Saturday, fans saw why Krug is an important part of Boston’s success. 

Krug had an assist in 18:33 on the ice in the loss to Detroit. However, he was not afraid to voice his displeasure afterwards.

Superstar Brad Marchand got into a scrap with Fillip Hronek midway through the second period. Krug was not happy about that fact in the postgame media scrum. 

“We have a guy drop the gloves that, you know, shouldn’t have to,” Krug said. “Trying to get a spark going. Trying to get our bench moving.” 

Krug shrugged and continued, “not much of a response after. But then a couple minutes later it started to show up and show in our game.” 

This Bruins team gets a lot of praise for the leadership on the roster, as they should. Any locker room with Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron has instant credibility. Not to mention veteran cup winners David Krejci and Brad Marchand bring a lot to the group. However, Torey Krug has become a big presence in the Bruins locker room. 

He has one of the most important jobs on the team. David Pastnrnak and Jake Debrusk both told the Spittin Chiclets crew that Krug picks the locker room music. He also shows leadership in a way few can. 

He went undrafted out of college after three years at Michigan State. Krug then signed with Boston and splashed onto the scene in the 2013 playoffs. He scored his first 4 career goals against future HOFer Henrik Lundqvist. Krug is a constant reminder about the determination needed to get to the NHL.

He has grown into one of the most dynamic offensive defensemen in the league. Since becoming a full time player in 2014, Krug has the 10th most points among d-men. He is currently sitting on 299 points during this span. Not to mention, he has the 6th most points among defensemen in the playoffs since 2013. He has racked up 11 goals and 46 points in his 62 career postseason games. 

If that is not enough, he also quarterback’s Boston’s unreal power play. Currently, the Bruins score a PP goal almost at a 31% clip. That leads the NHL. Krug has tallied ten assists and one goal so far on the power play.  While he definitely benefits from playing with Bergeron, Marchand, and Pastrnak, Krug is a vital part of that machine. 

Krug also tries to work out flaws in his game. While he is still not a shutdown defenseman, he has definitely improved in that department. He is not easy to play against. Just ask Robert Thomas

Krug is set to be a free agent after this season. It will be intriguing to see how the Bruins see him fitting into their future plans. Krug has said he would be interested in taking less to stay with Boston. The question is how much of a discount would he accept? The Bruins sure would not want to lose out on everything Krug brings to the organization.

Story by Chad Jones

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