Patriots Enter The Bye Week

Patriots Enter The Bye Week

The Patriots at the bye

The Patriots are 8-1, and as they enter the bye week. The first half of the season has been dominated by the defense. Brady and the offense have had some trouble early on finding their touch on that side of the ball. Between Julian Edelman, Mohamed Sanu, and Phillip Dorsett they should be set as they begin the second half of the season next week. The Patriots rank first in defense, second in yards and second in pass yards. they call themselves the boogeymen but the schedule doesn’t any easier the next four weeks.

The tough schedule starts next week

You could say the Patriots haven’t played anyone besides Baltimore who they just lost to. I much rather have them lose a regular-season game than the Super Bowl with 19-0 on the line. The next four games are the Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, and the Chiefs. Ranking from the toughest to the easiest I would have to say the Chiefs, Eagles, Cowboys, and Texans. The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes who is pretty dominant. However, that Chiefs defense is nothing like the Patriots defense and will give up points even with the questionable offense. The Eagles are second because the Patriots are just coming off a bye after a loss. They play the Eagles away and may have a little trouble getting going to start. The third is the Texans because with JJ Watt hurt for the year the Patriots should beat the Texans easily. Lastly, the Cowboys because the Patriots always do well against them and don’t see the Patriots losing at home all season.

Tom Brady knows there’s lots of work to do

Tom Brady knows that this is a crucial point in the season where every game matters a little more. Brady spoke to Scott Zolak this past week and knows there’s plenty of work to do ” I think our entire season is determined by what happens from this point on, We’ve had our ups and downs; certainly our defense has been playing great, and offensively, I hope we can get some continuity and grow and learn. Become the version that we’d all expect ourselves to become. We’re ready to attack the second half of the year and play our best football. This is our chance, this is our opportunity. We put ourselves in a good position, but everything is ahead of us. It’s our choice — what are we going to be?”

Brady has been dealing with so much turnover at the receiver position this season more than ever and it doesn’t phase him. At the right moments someone makes a play whether that be on defense, Edelman, Sanu, or Dorsett, someone will make a play in a big spot. This team is fine going forward and will be hosting playoff games in Foxborough come January.