Would The Sox Trade Sale Or Price?

Would The Sox Trade Sale Or Price?

The Sox should do the trade with the Texas Rangers

With the offseason now underway there’s a lot of work to do for Chaim Bloom, the new Chief Baseball Officer. The Sox have to cut payroll below $208 million in 2020, which means Bloom has a hard task ahead of him. Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reported that the Rangers have had talks about one of the Sox pitchers: Price, Sale, or Eovaldi. All three pitchers have been battling injuries these last two seasons, but still owed a lot of money. Price has three years left at $96 million, Sale 5 years, $125 million and Eovaldi 3 years, $54 million. The question is who should the Sox give up?

Price, Sale, and Eovaldi had down years this year

One for certain is David Price, who got a World Series ring but before that was very unreliable in the postseason. Also, his complaining was constant with the media and the confrontations with Hall Of Famer Dennis Eckersley were a distraction. Price had an awful 2019 going 7-5 with a 4.28 ERA. He battled constant injury which caused him to miss some time, it also doesn’t seem he likes it Boston anyway and just came here for the money.

Another option is Chris Sale, who just recently signed a contract extension in February. However, Sale also had a very down season battling injuries and was completely shut down for the whole month of September. The Sox were also cautious with Sale in 2018, even through the playoffs. Dombrowski knew about Sale’s injury history and still extended him last offseason. He went 6-11 with a 4.40 ERA. Not something you want to see out of your Ace pitcher.

If the Sox trade a positional player it should be Mookie Betts

Finally, there’s Nathan Eovaldi. The fact that he got a contract extension after his performance in the playoffs last year is absurd. He also battled injuries and didn’t have a strong 2019 season. He was 2-1 with a 5.99 ERA on the season, not something you want to see after just extending him. If the Sox were going to trade a positional player to the Rangers it should be Mookie Betts to get a positional player in return and a DH if Martinez opts out. Betts doesn’t seem to want to stay in Boston so the Sox should just trade him now and get the most for him.

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