Red Sox Gold Glove Finalists

Red Sox Gold Glove Finalists

The Red Sox may not have had good pitching this year but, as always, they boast some of the best defenders in the game. Last year Kinsler, Bradley, and Betts received a Gold Glove. This year two of them have a chance to repeat, with two others having a shot at their first.

Mookie Betts

With his future at the organization in question, Mookie Betts continues to show his value. While he failed to live up to his insane offensive production from his MVP season, he still was one of the best hitters on one of the best offenses in the league. But Betts stood out even more on defense. Last year he won his third Gold Glove in a row, with the potential to win his fourth in his six-year career.

Betts was first among right fielders in the AL in fielding percentage and putouts, while also being second in assists. He won the Wilson Defensive player award for right field last year as well and could repeat this year. He has the best chance out of all the finalists to win the award. Mookie captains the best defensive outfield in the game, sharing the field with two other nominees.

Jackie Bradley Jr

While an offensive liability, JBJ is quite simply amazing on defense. He has always had to compete with the defensive prowess of other star center fielders, so he has only won a Gold Glove once (last year). To put just how good his defense is into perspective, the one year when he reached a .267 batting average he was named an All-Star. If he was a solid hitter, he would probably be a consistent all-star, at least as a reserve.

Last year among center fielders Jackie was first in the AL in games played, putouts, assists, and double plays turned, while being second in fielding percentage and third in errors. Jackie has the best shot to win the Golden Glove among his competition. Yes, he is up against stars like Mike Trout, but JBJ simply had a better defensive season.

Andrew Benintendi

Like Mookie, Andrew did not live up to his prior year’s offensive ability. But he did repeat his defensive output and earned the nomination for the left-field Gold Glove award. As a left fielder in the AL, he was second in games and double plays, fifth in putouts, third in assists, and fourth in fielding percentage.

Unlike JBJ and Mookie, Benintendi will probably not win this award, as his competition is extremely difficult. Robbie Grossman’s fielding percentage was at 100 for the whole season, and will most likely be taking home his first Gold Glove. Alex Gordon, meanwhile, has won the award SIX times, and his experience and longtime success will likely outweigh Andrew’s case. But next year, the award could very likely go to him.

Christian Vasquez

The one non-outfielder on this list, Vasquez could be the first Red Sox catcher since Jason Varitek to bring home the award. Vazquez worked his way up to the big leagues permanently in 2016, and has been unfortunately very inconsistent hitting wise. This year was arguably his best in that department, but his defense was even better.

Christian was first for catchers in the AL in fielding percentage, games, and assists. He also was second in caught stealing, thanks to his well-known arm. Vazques allowed the third-most putouts and fifth-most double plays. He should just slide by Danny Jansen and Roberto Perez, taking home his first Gold Glove.

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