How Chaim Bloom Is Going To Rebuild The Red Sox Farm System

How Chaim Bloom Is Going To Rebuild The Red Sox Farm System

Chaim Bloom excited for this opportunity

Chaim Bloom was introduced on Monday, and one of many things that need to be addressed is building a strong farm system. Bloom had very successful 15 seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, learning and working his way up through the organization. The Rays have a third of payroll the Red Sox do, so he’s going to know the changes needed to be made to have a successful season for many years to come. The Red Sox have a talented group of players, but there are holes in the bullpen and the farm system. What are the ways Bloom will fix the farm system to make it great like it once was?

Bloom has a lot of work to do

In order to have a successful season all the time, they need to have a great farm system. Bloom’s first of many tasks will be trading players off the major league roster for minor league talent. He will also have to draft some great talent as well, and the players will work their way up through the system. That is what Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradely Jr., Andrew Benintendi and others did. That is what needs to happen this time around ,which is why a change was made. It seemed Bloom understood that the Sox were looking to be successful for the long term, and that a collective mind from the top-down goes a long way.

How will Bloom rebuild the farm system?

With building a strong farm system as Bloom did with the Rays, he’ll need to make some tough decisions either with Mookie Betts or J.D. Martinez. He stressed Monday that collaboration is his goal and communication is key. It’s all about having a good team for many years to come, not just for one or two seasons. Bloom doesn’t seem to be afraid to make some tough decisions on players on the roster, as long as it will make the team better in the long run.

Good luck Chaim Bloom. In Boston it’s all about winning championships year in and year out. You’ll get questioned for a lot of decisions you make, but in the end you’ll do what’s right and best for the team in the long run. In closing, in order to rebuild the farm system he’ll have to draft well, and trade players on the major league roster.

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