Bill Belichick Wants To Coach Into His 70s

Bill Belichick Wants To Coach Into His 70s

Bill Belichick isn’t retiring anytime soon

Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time. He just got his 300th win as a football head coach Sunday, and he’s moving on to win 301. He said back in 2009 in NFL Networks “A Football Life” he wouldn’t want to coach in his 70s. Now ten years later he is open to the idea and not retiring anytime soon. Belichick is most likely chasing Don Shula’s record of 348 wins as a coach. Belichick is 67 years old, so he will be way in his 70s when he gets to the record.

Belichick is a great coach and installed a winning atmosphere in New England

Belichick started a new standard when he got to New England in 2000. It was all about the team. Now everyone was on the same page with one goal: a Super Bowl Championship. For the last 20 seasons, the Patriots have won six Championships and been to nine Super Bowls. They win the division every year since 2009, and been to countless AFC Championship Games. It’s all about his style of coaching and having a winning atmosphere. He’s installed the “Patriot Way”. The Patriots are ahead of every other team in the league.

Belichick chasing Don Shula’s record

When Belichick was asked yesterday on WEEI he said ” “When I said it, maybe I didn’t know what 70 felt like, So I’m not really sure if that’s an accurate statement today or not. At the time, I didn’t feel that way. Now that I’m closer to that age, I don’t know.” That clearly means he won’t be retiring anytime soon, and still wants to be a head coach for the Patriots. He’ll probably get to Don Shula’s record in 2025, which will make him 73 years old. No way Tom Brady will be quarterback then, but it could be Jarrett Stidham or someone else at Quarterback.

Some people also think Belichick would be nothing without Brady, but really it’s 50/50. They win because Belichicks’s a great coach and Brady is a great quarterback. Belichick had come from Bill Parcells, who was also a great coach. The difference between the two is Belichick had a quarterback who was successful, and that defense in the early 2000s was awesome.

If Belichick won the Super Bowl in Miami this season, then beat Don Shula’s record in his 70s that would top off all the accomplishments he’s had as head coach. He’s already a Hall A Famer as a head coach, and will be in the Patriots Hall Of Fame too. When Belichick retires is a different story. For now, enjoy the greatest coach and greatest quarterback beat the rest of the league.