What to expect from Chaim Bloom

What to expect from Chaim Bloom

New President of Baseball Operations Chaim Bloom

The Red Sox had a very disappointing season in 2019 after winning the World Series last year. Less than a year from winning it all ownership fired Dave Dombrowski because ownership and Dombrowski weren’t on the same page with where the team should go. John Henry could tell after winning the World Series that they weren’t on the same page. During Dombrowski’s time with the Sox he won a championship but really tore apart the farm system. The Sox needed a Theo type to get them back on track, and someone with experience in team building through the draft and farm system. Chaim Bloom could be that guy as the new head of Baseball Operations for the Red Sox.

Bloom graduated from Yale in 2004 majoring in Classics, which has nothing to do with baseball. He was hired as an intern by Andrew Friedman with the Rays, who is now President of Baseball Operations with the Dodgers. Bloom rose through the organization to Vice President of Baseball Operations, and this year helped the Rays move past the Red Sox by 12 games. The Rays have a budget of $60 million and the Sox have the highest at $240 million. You could say the Sox may have hit a home run hiring this guy.

Bloom has a lot of work to do with building a successful farm system

He has a lot of work to do though, and has to not be afraid of trading talent for prospects. His first of many tasks will be trading Mookie Betts for prospects. Betts has stated he would test free agency when his contract ends next season, so why not trade him now and see what they can get? The Sox have a depleted farm system because of Dombrowski, and Bloom could rebuild it but he’d have to get rid of high-level talent.

Bloom can’t be afraid to give away talent for prospects if he wants to succeed with the Red Sox. We’ve seen Theo Epstein do it with the Red Sox and the Cubs, winning the World Series with both teams. Most of the 2018 Red Sox were players drafted by Epstein. It’s clear to say Dombrowski wasn’t thinking about the future of the team, which is where he and the ownership had their differences. It’s tough to say how well he will do, but his real test will begin this winter when he makes a decision as to what to do with Betts, Martinez, and Bradley among others.

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