Welcome To Our Nightmare Mr. Bloom

Welcome To Our Nightmare Mr. Bloom

The call has gone out, across the misty mornings on 93 and 128, Chaim Bloom is coming from Tampa to save our Red Sox. Can this local boy made good Ichabod Crane us to safety? Scares abound, this being October. Can he be a light in the darkness?

The Spooky Payroll Problem

Here at Believe In Boston Sports we’ve gone over it and over it. The payroll problem has been brewing ever since they traded for Chris Sale in 2016. Plenty of teams would love to be bound to a $208 Million in payroll. Here it’s resulting in the possible trades of defending MVP Mookie Betts and fellow defending gold glover Jackie Bradley Jr. and losing J.D. Martinez in free agency.

Dave Dombrowski walked into a team with a stacked minor league system and payroll flexibility. Bloom has just the opposite. The owners are serious about resetting the payroll tax. Blah, blah blah.

He Has Faced Down The Darkness

Bloom has already beaten back darkness and horror. He has graduated from Yale, with a focus in Classics. He must have come face to face with the torrid tale of co-founder of Yale Cotton Mather, and Mather’s vicious and insidious role in the Salem Witch Trials.

He has also toiled in the gloom of the lowest payroll in baseball, and hauntingly empty Tropicana Field. He slayed that dragon with 96 wins and the playoffs in 2019, and was a big part of the team that made many enlightened moves over the past several years.

He’s only 36, but he’s the man to bring sunshine to Fenway Park and an uninspired fanbase. If anyone can slay the darkness of the Red Sox (front office infighting, overpaid malaise, stagnancy of the roster), it’s him.

It’s the new Head of Baseball, what’s his name? Why it’s Chaim, Chaim Bloom. Get ready for a new hero Boston.

Featured Image Via the Tampa Bay Times

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