Belichick has used Landry’s comments to motivate the team

Belichick has used Landry’s comments to motivate the team

Week after week opponents have said something about this Patriots team. This week Jarvis Landry stepped up to make some noise, these players will never learn.

Bill Belichick will make sure to eliminate OBJ from this game, meaning Landry is going to have to back up his comments alone.

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Landry is a veteran but acting like a rookie, he should know better by now

The Patriots are hard enough to beat anyway yet players seem to make things harder on themselves.

The Jets QB Sam Darnold last week made some comments that pale in comparison to Landry’s, and the Patriots ate him alive. They listen to everything and then revel in the beatdown.

KVN couldn’t answer questions after hearing how spooked Darnold was after talking about the Pats D all week

Well here we go again. Jarvis Landry is poking the bear before Sunday’s matchup. When asked about the game Landry said “We’re gonna win. It’s just that simple. We’re gonna win.”

The star WR quickly tried to backpedal saying he meant they were going (there) to win. The damage was done and Belichick seized the opportunity to fire up his squad sharing Landry’s comments to his players. Bill will use anything to get a rise from his undefeated team, he’s done it for years and it’s worked out pretty well.

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The Browns are coming off of a bye so they are fresh and in need of a win. But other than Landry doing his best Joe Namath impression, there’s more reasons to expect a Patriots blowout.

Baker Mayfield for example seems to be more concerned about the referees from two weeks ago than he is about Sunday. His coach Freddie Kitchens even knows this one could get real ugly.

Kitchens on the Patriots, “We’re not going in to play a normal team. We’re going in to play the New England Patriots.” The coach heaped praise on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady saying “I don’t see any weaknesses.”

Credit to Feddie for trying his best to keep this team in line and say the right things. But the Browns are outmatched in every category and come Sunday things could get messy in Cleveland after another loss.