What Went Wrong With Josh Gordon?

What Went Wrong With Josh Gordon?

The downfall of Josh Gordon

The Patriots have given Josh Gordon a lot of chances to be a great football player and contributor to the team. What happened last year that got him suspended for the rest of the 2018 season. He went to rehab in the offseason, and the Patriots were counting on him to be a full go in 2019. However, Bill Belichick only takes so much drama before he’s had enough, and Brady didn’t have many weapons, so keeping Gordon was a priotry going into the season. It started out fine. Gordon is apparently dealing with a knee injury that kept him out of Monday’s game against the Jets, and he was hoping to play against Cleveland on Sunday. Boy was he wrong.

The Patriots have had their hands full with receivers

The Patriots have had their fair share with receivers this season. Even though Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas both fell through, Brady still throws for 300+ yards a game. Shows how Brady is still playing at a high level at 42 years old. Imagine if he had Randy Moss, it would be 2007 all over again with Brady playing at this level. Regardless of who Brady throws two he’ll still find the open receiver, and they’ll make the catch. It only proves how excellent Brady really is.

Josh Gordon had a lot of chances

After being at the walkthrough practice yesterday Gordon was placed on IR. Apparently he had no idea when the NFL posted about it on Instagram. It was reported that Gordon’s injury was minor, and that once he’s off IR they can waive him so he can sign with another team. The question is what happened besides getting injured? Speculation is he failed a drug test and that was the last straw for Belichick. He brought in Mohamed Sanu from Atlanta, who he’s familiar with because Sanu went to Rutgers. He also has no bad history off the field. The Patriots, however, don’t need Josh Gordon to win the Super Bowl. There is proof of that from last year.

I’m sure it will come out why Gordon was released and what happened. They gave him a lot of chances. Even Brady practiced with him over the summer. He’s on the best organization in the entire league and he might have ruined it for himself to make the most of it. Mohamed Sanu can take the place of Gordon, and with Edelman and Dorsett they’ll be all set to make another Super Bowl run. Let’s not forget the stacked defense and the deep run game they have.