What Mohamed Sanu brings to Patriots

What Mohamed Sanu brings to Patriots

Mohamed Sanu is a New England Patriot


Not even 24 hours after the Patriots beat the Jets 33-0, the Patriots traded for Mohamed Sanu from the Atlanta Falcons for a second-round pick. It's no question the defense has been the dominant force for this Patriots team. The offense has been inconsistent with receivers able to stay on the field. The Patriots didn't have Josh Gordon last night, Julian Edelman is still playing but not 100%, and Phillip Dorsett just came back from injury. Even though the Patriots are weak on offense Brady still throws the ball like he's got the best receivers in the game. He's throwing to rookies he doesn't know well. Getting Sanu brings health, experience and depth to the receiver group.

The Patriots have had their fair share of disappointing receivers this season. Acquiring Demaryius Thomas then trading him to the Jets. Then getting Antonio Brown, but that lasted only eleven days before he ruined it. The Patriots tried to get Sanu last season, but it fell through. Last night they finally closed the deal.

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What Sanu brings to the Patriots

In four seasons with the Falcons, Sanu has 14 touchdowns and 2,507 yards. So far in 2019 Sanu has 33 receptions for 313 yards and one touchdown. Sanu brings a great target for Brady which will take the pressure off Julian Edelman. The Patriot's third-down conversion percentage is 41.2% according to ProFootball Reference. That number will go up with Sanu in the lineup. Sanu can get open and gain yardage after the catch. His catch percentage is 88.9% on third down, which is huge for Brady and the offense.

Sanu can also get open over the middle, which Brady goes to a lot (especially to Julian Edelman). Sanu can also get open downfield, which Brady loves to do. We saw that twice Monday night. Once to Dorsett and once to Brandon Bolden. Also, with N'Keal Harry about to come off IR and ready for game action, adding Sanu adds depth going forward. Belichick loves players from Rutgers as his kids went there. Also, this is a cheaper option than getting Emmanuel Sanders from the Broncos.

Written by Steve Atkinson

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