Three Ups and Downs From Patriots-Jets

Three Ups and Downs From Patriots-Jets

Week 7 for the Patriots is officially in the books. We find ourselves enjoying a rare victory Tuesday. The Patriots came into MetLife Stadium looking to stay undefeated and they did just that. They came away with a 33-0 victory. The Patriots will be on a short week once again as the Cleveland Browns come to town for a Sunday afternoon matchup. Before we completely focus on the Browns, let’s look at three ups and three downs from the Patriots-Jets.

Up: The Defense

It feels like the Patriots defense can get this award every single week. Well, the “boogeymen” did it again. The Patriots used several packages against Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. It worked out well as they picked off Darnold four times. Several of those interceptions came in the redzone as well. The Patriots defense was so scary, Sam Darnold was saying that he was seeing ghosts. No, really. Sam Darnold was saying that he was seeing ghosts out there.

The game was over at that exact point. Darnold was losing his confidence and the Patriots attacked. The defense continues to wreak havoc against opposing offenses. We’ll see if the trend continues against Baker Mayfield and the Browns next week.

Down: J.C. ackson

One player on the defense whose had better nights was cornerback J.C. Jackson. Jackson’s gameplan was to try to be physical with old friend Demaryius Thomas. It resulted in several penalties such as holding and pass interference. He had those two penalties on the same drive, and three overall in the game. Usually, Jackson is dependable as ever. Last night was an off game for him. Hopefully, he’ll have fun with the Browns wide receivers come Sunday afternoon, 4:25 PM EST.

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Up: Sony Michel

When you look at Sony Michel‘s game, you first see 19 carries for 42 yards. That’s an average of 2.6 yards per carry. That doesn’t look great. What does look great is three touchdowns on the night! Michel found the endzone three times in the Patriots win, which is a good sign. The Pats run game had been lackluster, and it showed up last night when it mattered the most. If Michel gets going, then this Patriots offense will become just as scary as their defense.

Down: The Offensive Line

The offensive line has been shifting all season. Injuries piling up and new faces coming in makes it that much tougher to succeed. When Brady is pressured it never results in a good play. He’s not the most mobile, we’ve known this for years. That’s why it’s important for the line to get on the same page. Hopefully, Isaiah Wynn comes back to bolster the line. For now, they have to make do with what they have in front of them. They have to be better, plain and simple.

Up: Jakobi Meyers

The stats may not show it entirely. But, Jakobi Meyers is becoming more in sync with Tom Brady. Meyers finished with five receptions for 47 yards. This is a step up from a few weeks ago. Meyers will not be a number one option, which is fine. But he continues to earn the trust of Brady with each passing week. It’s good to see Meyers get involved in the offense more and more.

Down: Julian Edelman

This is really a stretch, I’m not going to lie here. But, Edelman just didn’t look like his normal self. He missed a few easy catches that usually makes in his sleep. Yes, we all know he is dealing with a chest injury. But, if you’re on the field, you need to perform. Edelman knows this from being in New England his entire career. Watch Edelman go off for a big game against the Browns. He’s definitely due for one of those.

The Patriots are closing out the first half in historic fashion. They are winning with all three phases of the game performing well. Now, they have an underachieving Browns team on Sunday afternoon. Win that game and finish the first half unbeaten. Then you have a tough next five games in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City. For now, we enjoy another win against the Jets and get ready for week eight.

P.S. It also doesn’t hurt having Mohamed Sanu in the fold now, right?