Tom Brady’s in a Netflix show

Tom Brady’s in a Netflix show

Tom Brady shocks the world again

Tom Brady has been in some movies and shows over the years. However, what I saw last night I couldn’t believe. Tom Brady iss in a new show on Netflix called “Living With Yourself.” The show is about this guy who hates his life goes to a massage parlor to get cloned into a new better person. About twenty minutes into the show the guy goes to the massage parlor, and all of a sudden out comes Tom Brady! In the show that is supposed to be a cloned better Brady. Why it’s funny is because he did something like this after Kraft got caught at a massage parlor last January.

Brady is the GOAT at football and cameos

Now all the talk on Monday won’t be about the Jets, it will be about Brady taking a dig at Kraft in a Netflix show. If Brady came out of a restaurant, TB12, or a fitness center there wouldn’t be much talk about it. But because it’s a massage parlor people are going to make this a big deal. I tweeted Jim Murray of 98.5 The Sports Hub the video 20 minutes before he posted it, and his tweet has gotten lots of retweets and watched over 1 million times.

The Patriots again are the best at handling any distractions. Bill Belichick will be asked about it today and I’m sure he won’t answer any questions about it as the focus is on the Jets. Brady will be asked too, and probably talk about how he and Kraft have a great bond over the last 20 years and that skit was just a fun thing to do for a Netflix show. The fact he came out of a spa is going to create drama and people talking about how Brady was mad he didn’t get a new contract.

Not sure if the Patriots knew about it and if they did probably not that he was coming out of a massage parlor. At the end of the day, Brady can do whatever he wants because in Kraft’s mind he’s bigger than the team. Did Brady do that as a dig at Kraft? Maybe because he didn’t get a new contract, but really the cameo is hilarious and he’ll do his best at handling the speculation.