The Four Owners of New England Sports Teams Rated

The Four Owners of New England Sports Teams Rated

New England sports have seen tremendous success over the past couple of decades. Each owner has made an impression on the culture of the team and its success. While their impact isn’t always positive, overall all owners have shown the ability to get things done. Here are all four owners ranked and rated (A-F).

1. Robert Kraft (Patriots, Revs) A

He has found absurd success as the owner of the Patriots, and relatively disappointing seasons with the Revolution. Kraft may have the most positives out of any owner in New England Sports. But at the same time, he also may have the most drawbacks.

His wisest choice was quite simply hiring Bill Belichick. Before that, he had hired Pete Carroll in 1997. That wasn’t that bad of a decision either, seeing how he ended up coaching a different team to a Super Bowl. But Bill is easily the best NFL coach ever in the Super Bowl era. He has the most Super Bowl Championships and second-most overall wins in the SB era. Bill has also been able to constantly steal stars late in the draft (like Brady, Edelman, etc) and grab troubled stars for nothing and turn them into gold (Randy Moss).

He does a lot for fans and the community, supporting multiple foundations and donations. Kraft also personally financed Gillette stadium in 2000, not relying on the city or fan’s money. He even was named the honorary chairman of the board which got the 2026 FIFA World to America. Robert is known to have praised former openly gay player Ryan O’Callaghan for his courage, saying he is “forever a Patriot.”

Problem Areas

There are some issues with Kraft though. He has been known to occasionally block or intervene in trades or signings by Bill Belichick. This most famously occurred when Jimmy Garoppolo was sent away, to the chagrin of Belichick. His ownership of the Revolution has also been recently tumultuous. They have seen great success early on, but fell off in the past few years. Luckily, under new coach Bruce Arena, it appears they could be heading back into contention. Most recently, he also has gotten wrapped up in a solicitation case involving a massage parlor. If he is found guilty, it will at least produce a blemish on his Hall of Fame legacy.

Overall, though, his success is clear and his impact is crucial to both teams he manages. He easily is the best out of all the owners in New England sports.

2. John William Henry II (Red Sox) A

Henry has become one of the most liked and respected owners in New England after taking over the storied Red Sox organization. At the time of his purchase the Red Sox were still stuck in the curse of the Bambino. But Henry quickly brought the team success, as the Red Sox broke the curse just three years into his ownership. They have since won the World Series another three times since, cementing the Sox as the most successful MLB team since Henry became owner.

For majority of his time here, he has been able to find great managers and executives to lead the team. Larry Lucchino was an amazing Team President, and Sam Kennedy took over where he left off in 2015. Theo Epstein, Ben Cherington, and Dave Dombrowski were all skilled at acquiring talented players, and all three succeeded at bringing home championships. As to who will be the next GM, Henry will most likely make a wise decision.

His man of the people status, despite his awkward public persona, was earned right from the beginning, as he prevented the prior owner from building a new stadium. Instead, he renovated the historic ballpark, saving the national treasure. He also successfully petitioned to change the name of Yawkey Way, as it was connected to segregation and the lack of integration of African American baseball players. He has clearly done a lot for the team, both on and off the diamond.

3. Wyc Grousbeck (Celtics) A-

Grousbeck has had the opposite approach of Kraft, and even Henry. He tries to be hands off as much as possible, and give people time to show their worth. He has only had to bring in one GM, former Celtics player Danny Ainge. Ainge has been one of the best GM’s in the game, orchestrating the championship squad of 08, and rebuilding to form the current young, contending squad you see today.

The head coaches have been great as well. Doc Rivers was a spectacular coach, which they capitalized on for as long as possible before sending him to the Clippers for an unprotected first rounder. They then replaced him with a young coach from Butler in Brad Stevens. He has been a top three coach over the past few years, which has benefitted the Celtics and Wyc. He bought the team for $360 Million, a team now worth an estimated $2.8 Billion 18 years later.

Grousbeck has been one of the best owners in the league, yet due to the competition on this list he is stuck at #3. He is relatively young, so he will definitely see some more championships before his time as owner is done.

4. The Jacobs Children (Bruins) B

It has only been one month into the new ownership, after Jeremy Jacobs handed control of the Bruins to his six kids in September. Therefore we have yet to really see if they can keep the Bruins in contention. But they have made one notable move.

Less than a week after gaining control, Bruce Cassidy was handed a multi-year contract extension. This was obviously a great decision, as Cassidy led the Bruins all the way to The Stanley Cup Finals in his first full season with the team. So far this year, the Bruins are a top ten team having only lost one game so far at the time of writing.

No one can really gauge how the Bruins will do long term under the new leadership, which is why they are only a B for now. But signs point to more success in the future for the storied franchise.

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