Jakobi Meyers the next Malcolm Mitchell?

Jakobi Meyers the next Malcolm Mitchell?

Get Ready For Meyers

From a College QB to a pro WR

Jakobi Meyers is a former college quarterback from North Carolina State. The rookie went undrafted to the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.
Meyers certainly opened eyes at camp, and earned all pro honors for the preseason, and things were looking up after making the final roster cuts.

There were a few roadblocks standing in his way though, Edelman, Gordon, Dorsett and AB, which left the rookie running the scout team. Meyers knew he had to work his way up and that’s exactly what he’s done. Now with Edelman banged up, and Gordon and Dorsett not playing, it was Meyers‘ time.

Preparation had Jakobi confident to step in

Along with practicing with the scout team, Meyers and his fellow UFA Gunner both continued to put in work after practice. But it’s not where you might think, or who you’d think was coaching them. Ten minutes after the final whistle of practice blows Gunner and his pal Jakobi know the day isn’t done.

Patriot legend Troy Brown meets with these two every day in a semi secret training spot somewhere inside Gillette. The training spot is called The Virtual Room, and Meyers seems to love everything about it.

“This allows me to run Edelman’s routes alongside Troy which gives me the feeling I’m actually in the game.”

Meyers hard work paid off with a rash of injuries Thursday night

Phillip Dorsett did not play and Josh Gordon left the game early forcing Meyers to jump into action. The offense had to adjust to a three WR 11 personnel package.

Tom Brady was quoted saying “we were forced into one grouping in the second half, something I don’t remember ever happening in his 20 years in the league.”

Meyers was up for the challenge hauling in four receptions on four targets, showing his skill set and possibly entering the circle of trust. The rookie topped out at 50 yards receiving and made a great catch just two yards shy of reaching paydirt.

Meyers showed here he can make last second adjustments to make plays.

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This was a beautiful adjustment

Meyers has really strong hands and natural ball skills, he’s a physical player and is tough after the catch. Not the fastest player on the field, but he’s still developing and I’m liking what I’ve seen thus far.

With the WR position being as thin as it is Meyers has a chance to improve in live game action.

The Patriots and the fans are all pulling for this kid to make a big jump similar to what Malcolm Mitchell did in 2016. Only time will tell, until then expect to see a lot more of number 16.