Insight Into Dana LeVangie Ouster

Insight Into Dana LeVangie Ouster

The Red Sox continue to make moves through their whole organization. Not too long ago, Andy Barkett was let go of his assistant hitting coach role. Well now, the Red Sox are looking on the pitching end of things. It was reported yesterday that Dana LeVangie was relieved of his duties as Red Sox pitching coach.

With this in mind, let’s look at a few factors regarding the past, and even take a glimpse at the future.


This is one area that is not on the shoulders of Dana LeVangie. He could not help that Chris Sale suddenly had a season ending injury during the second half of the season. It also wasn’t his fault that David Price was on and off the injured list the entire year. Think about this for a second. You have Chris Sale AND David Price both being out during periods of time throughout the season. Those are two guys that other teams would drool to have pitch for their organization. The Red Sox lost both of them in the same season. Again, you really can’t blame LeVangie on this one. Injuries come and go. Sometimes, they even determine a season for certain franchises. It happens, and we’ll need to move past that come the 2020 season.

The Stats

Unfortunately, the stats do not help LeVangie’s case either. The Red Sox had a horrible season when it came to their pitching as a whole. We already know how bad the bullpen was with all of their blown saves throughout the season. The Red Sox were 19th overall in the MLB with a 4.70 ERA on the season. They were also second in walks with 605 total. If you average that out, that’s AT LEAST three if not four walks per game. That’s not going to look good anywhere. They were second in strikeouts behind the Houston Astros. But again, it’s all about production on the scoreboard. 84 wins for a pitching staff and team like the Boston Red Sox? Yeah sorry, that won’t cut it here.

The Future For Dana LeVangie

As you can see, there are a lot of changes going on within the Red Sox organization. With LeVangie it’s quite simple. He will no longer be the pitching coach and has accepted a role as a pro scout. I have to give it to LeVangie on this one. I’m not sure if I would have done the same thing if I was in his position. But, he’s accepting the demotion with grace and will continue to be a part of the Red Sox organization.

Was this the right move? Absolutely, yes! The Red Sox are in for a lot of change this off-season and it’s only beginning. These are minor changes compared to what could potentially happen down the line for this team. Right now, they’re doing the right thing and making a change to their weakest area coaching wise. Now maybe, they can go out and get some better pieces for the whole pitching staff. That remains to be seen. Buckle up folks, the fun is just beginning!

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