Expectations for David Backes

Expectations for David Backes

After a very disappointing 2018-2019 season, David Back’s status on the Boston Bruins roster coming into this season was in question. After a stellar preseason Backes secured his spot on the roster. Now what should we expect from him?

Back to his glory days?

In David Backes’s best season he played all 82 games. In those 82 games he had 31 goals and 31 assists totaling 64 points. With David Backes already being a healthy scratch on Saturday night against the Arizona Coyotes, he won’t hit the 82 game mark. I think that its safe to say that he wont come near that many games anyways. Especially given the depth that the Bruins have in Providence coming into the season. Backes will be used as the number one reserve in Boston barring any injuries, or transactions. Backes can play all three forward positions so he’ll be able to jump in just about whenever and wherever he’s needed.

Odds are that no matter what happens Backes will find himself in a bottom six role if he manages to crack the lineup. With as much scoring ability that is on hand in Boston, Backes will essentially have a permanent bottom six banger role. He brings a little bit more of an offensive edge than most guys who play that role though.

Leading on and off the ice

I stated here that I think one of David Backes’s most valuable assets is the fact that he’s a natural leader and he’s full of hockey knowledge that is very valuable to young players on the Bruins roster. Those who made the roster are already picking his brain I’m sure. Those who might make visits to the main roster during the course of the season, for long term or short term, will do the same.

The final verdict

David Backes has the option to be a healthy scratch more so than everybody on the roster. The same essentially goes for being an unhealthy scratch. With those two things being said, its really hard to put a prediction on the production that David Backes might put up this season. With his best season only brining 62 points, we must realize that he has never been an offensive powerhouse. David Backes has never scored 40 goals. Nor will he ever score 40 goals. His biggest offensive weapon is his ability to create plays. His way of creating plays is best off of the puck.

Any sort of positive production is worth taking this season from David Backes. His physical play and pressing forecheck will be key for Boston’s success. His hitting and his play in the dirty areas will provide a lot of help for the Bruins offense.

One way or the other, David Backes can contribute to the success of the Bruins. It comes down to whether or not he can do it consistently and accept the role.

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