Jake Debrusk on Barstool’s “Spittin Chiclets”

Jake Debrusk on Barstool’s “Spittin Chiclets”

It’s easy to see why Jake Debrusk has become a fan favorite in Boston. The third year Bruins forward has made quite the early impact. He scored the game winning goal against Toronto in Game 7 of the 2018 first round. For his sophomore season, he sniped 27 goals skating along side David Krejci. Not to mention, he plays the game with a bite of style, flair, and confidence. 

Now Boston fans get to hear another side of Jake Debrusk. Before the start of the NHL’s 2019-2020 campaign. Debrusk went on Barstool Sports’ popular hockey podcast “Spittin Chiclets”. Listen here for the interview.

Obviously, he got into the pain of losing Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals at home. However, as it usually does on this podcast, the interview went down some pretty hysterical roads. 

Debrusk talked about one of the worst injuries he has ever had on playing hockey. He also got into how his dad, Louie, has helped make the transition into the NHL. His dad played in 401 career NHL games from 1992 to 2003. Not to be forgotten at all is Debrusk’s childhood obsession with a certain superhero and adulthood obsession with a certain cookie. 

Not only is this a great interview for Boston fans and all hockey fans to enjoy, it brings up some other larger points as well. 

First off, the fact Debrusk went on this podcast is noteworthy. Many of the interviewees on this podcast are of established players, stars, or retired guys. It comes as somewhat of a surprise that a young player, who is certainly good and talented but not a superstar, went on this podcast. 

Another interesting wrinkle is the Boston Bruins connection to this podcast.  David Pastnrnak, Charlie McAvoy, Torey Krug have all come on “Spittin Chiclets”. McAvoy and Krug have even been on multiple times. Many Bruins players feel comfortable going and shooting the breeze with the guys on the show. 

That should not be shocking, as obviously this podcast has many Boston connections. One of the hosts is former NHL defenseman Ryan Whitney. He is from Scituate Massachusetts and went to Boston University. The other host with Boston ties is longtime Barstool Sports contributor Rear Admiral. Not to mention the producer of the podcast, Mike Grinnell, is from Massacheustess. Former NHL forward Paul Bissonnette is the only host not from The Commonwealth. 

While Barstool Sports clearly has a lot of Boston representation on their shows and podcasts, no podcast has a bigger Boston presence than “Spittin Chiclets”. That has to be a big reason why so many Bruins know these guys and want to go on. 

Lastly, this recent Debrusk interview again highlights the larger connection between Barstool Sports and the Boston Bruins. For Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Barstool Sports sponsored the rally towel. So not only are the Bruins players friendly with Barstool, but so is the organization. I would not be surprised if Barstool Sports and the Bruins organization collaborate more this season and going forward. 

While this Jake Debrusk interview was entertaining on its own, it also shined a light onto the Bruins players, organization, and Barstool Sports.

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Story by Chad Jones

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