Early Red Sox Off-Season Headlines

The off-season is officially here for the Boston Red Sox. While eight other MLB teams are still competing for the chance at the 2019 World Series, the Red Sox are figuring out their off-season moves. The obvious questions are already out on the surface. What’s the move that’s going to be made regarding Mookie Betts? Will J.D. Martinez opt out of his current contract to try to pursue a bigger contract with another team? Who is going to be making those decisions as the new GM? A lot of questions need to be answered. Even though those answers haven’t been figured out yet, there are still a few Red Sox tidbits that have already came out. Without further adieu, let’s look at a few early Red Sox off-season headlines.

Brock Holt’s (Potential Departure?) Instagram Post

So Brock Holt has been very active on Instagram throughout the whole season. His latest post comes after the end of the Red Sox 2019 season. In the post itself, it seems like Holt is saying farewell to Red Sox nation. A lot of the fans would LOVE to see Holt come back. He’s literally been through it all with the Red Sox. He’s been a part of the two World Series championships. He was there when the Red Sox got knocked out of the ALDS two years in a row. Heck, Brock Holt was there for the two last place finishes in the A.L. East. It sounds like Holt is thinking he won’t be back next year. Let’s just hope that isn’t the case!

Andy Barkett Won’t Be Retained As Assistant Hitting Coach

The Red Sox made a surprising move to their coaching staff, firing assistant hitting coach Andy Barkett. The move is surprising because it wasn’t the Red Sox offense that was the problem this season. Now, if this was about a pitching coach such as Dana LeVangie, then I would have been more inclined to like the move. Why get rid of an important voice inside of the clubhouse? Firing Barkett isn’t going to fix the bullpen or the starting rotation. It just seems like the type of move that is for appearances rather than actually making a move to improve the team.

David Ortiz Is Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

David Ortiz is back up and getting himself involved in the community. He’s getting a team together for the 2020 Boston Marathon. The former slugger is also out and about while enjoying his life again. Everybody was shocked to see Ortiz throw out the first pitch at Fenway just a few weeks ago. But, would you expect anything less from Ortiz? He is stronger and feeling better than ever. Welcome back to the fun life, Big Papi!

This Red Sox team is just starting their off-season and there is already news to report. The saddest part about all of this? The big decisions haven’t even been made yet. When will we hear anything about Mookie and J.D.? Who knows honestly! But, I’ll tell you this much. It is going to be one of the most interesting off-seasons for the Red Sox in recent memory. The fun is just beginning!

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