Taking a look at Tom Brady’s three career loses to Buffalo (Part 1)

Taking a look at Tom Brady’s three career loses to Buffalo (Part 1)

I am going to be honest with you, I did not plan on this thought leading to two articles. I had no idea looking into the three career losses for Tom Brady against the Bills would take me down such a rabbit hole. Going through these games I found out some interesting things about what lead up to them, how they played out, and what transpired after. 

Tom Brady and the Patriots have had success against pretty much every team during this century. However, there is one team in during this stretch that the Patriots have abused more than any other. Brady is 30-3 all time against the Buffalo Bills. 30-3. He has thrown 69 touchdowns to 24 interceptions. He has lost to Buffalo one time at home, but more on that later.

Since 2001, the Bills have basically been two guaranteed wins for New England on the schedule. But, every so often, the Bills find a way to win a game against the Patriots. So here are the three times Tom Brady has walked off the field a loser against Buffalo. 

Before recapping the games, this should be mentioned. Do note these are losses for Brady since 2001, not the Patriots. You may remember that in Week 4 of 2016, New England lost to Buffalo at Gillette Stadium. That was the 4th and final game Brady was suspended for his alleged role in Deflate-gate. The Bills shut the Patriots out 16-0 with Jacoby Brissett as the quarterback.

Tom Brady’s first career loss against Buffalo is actually quite noteworthy in Patriots history. It was the first game of the 2003 season. The Patriots were coming off a disappointing 2002 season where they finished 9-7 and missed the playoffs. So people were interested if New England could get back to their 2001 championship form. 

However, drama surrounded the team right before the season kicked off. The Patriots cut popular veteran safety Lawyer Milloy just five days before the opening game. As said in America’s Game for the 2003 Patriots, many players were upset by this. Milloy quickly signed with Buffalo. So when the Patriots took the field against, you guessed it, the Bills, the results were less than stellar. 

With another ex-patriot, Drew Bledsoe, calling signals for Buffalo, New England was run out of the building. The Patriots lost 31-0, with Brady throwing no touchdowns and only 123 yards. He threw four interceptions as well. Brady’s four game winning streak against the Bills had snapped. This loss famously lead to Tom Jackson saying the Patriots “hate their coach.” 

How did Brady and the Patriots respond? They lost just one more game the rest of that season. Including the first of their record 21 wins in a row. They capped of the 2003 season by beating Buffalo 31-0 at Gillette. They would go on to win the franchise’s second Super Bowl that season. (Continue onto the next article for information on the other two Brady losses.)

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Story by Chad Jones

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