The Patriots vs. The Stampede

The Patriots vs. The Stampede

Battle of the Unbeatens!! Supremacy in the AFC East to the Victor!! This contest will determine the shape of things for all time!! The Patriots versus the Bills this Sunday!

Yeah, probably not all that. It’s an important game no doubt, as all division games are, and for the New England Patriots it will be the third in a row. It will also be the second road division game in this young season. When the quarter pole of the year is reached one team will have one more wins than the other. Period. Then the calendar flips to October and you play some more games.

How the Bills got here

There’s 3-0 and then there is undefeated. The Patriots have played some suspect competition and completely dominated them. 106-17 is the point differential through three weeks. The Bills have played some stiffer competition, maybe. And they have worked through some uneven performances from the offense. 66-47 is their total and this could be a problem.

Western NY loves their Bills, and they are extremely optimistic about their season so far. Can they keep it up? There are numerous articles about some of the flaws of the defense. The uneven play of Josh Allen. The incorporation of all the new pieces on offense. These are all normal growing pains of a team in September. If they were going against last year’s Patriots, or really any year except for ‘07, I would say that it’s pretty even and anyone could win. So when the tears rain down like a jelly dildo storm don’t be surprised when your local Bills’ fan lashes out. Just put your arm around them and tell them it’ll be ok. They can be good when Tom Brady retires. (We both know it’ll be a lie).

Just your PSA that Bills fans are weird
How the Patriots got here

The injuries are mounting and this may be the only concern of mine. Edelman may miss the game or significant snaps. Many contributors and starters spent time on the injury report this week. The offensive line gets a shot in the arm with Marcus Cannon’s return and should continue to gel. And you know, Defense. To say that they are on a historic start is underselling it a smidge. Not allowing a touchdown to start the season is phenomenal. Can they keep it up?

The offense has been more of a work in progress. Multiple pieces are being worked in and they are dealing with injuries in numerous spots. This may be the most talented defense they have had to face thus far and will be a good measuring stick. I’m hoping for a good game from this side of the ball while I tear chicken wings apart on Sunday. Drummettes only, no flats here.

Rapid Fire
Number to look at:

35 minutes – 25 Minutes

Time of possession for the Patriots offense versus opponents offense. These two numbers are important in many ways. Most importantly that means we get to see more Tom Brady. But it also means more rest for the teams fast defense. It puts more pressure on the opposition to push the ball and try for riskier plays in order to score.

The Bill in the Crosshairs
Tremaine Edmunds wondering what the hell he is supposed to do – AP

Tremaine Edmunds

He was abused by the Patriots in his games against them last year. No shame in that. Tom does that to many people. He may do it again, watch out. I’ll give you a tip watch him when the Pats run play action with Sony Michel on the field. They will.

The Patriot to watch

I’m all in on the Jamie Collins watch this week. A lock it up playmaker so far in his return to Foxboro. He will again be under the spotlight. I can imagine where he will be the feature villian in Josh Allen’s nightmares Sunday night. Enjoy.


A tougher matchup but the W should be notched down. The Bill’s inconsistencies will doom them. The Patriots defense will make some plays and the fandom can continue to sleep well as the road to a seventh Lombardi is safe from the wagons.

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