Josh Gordon has turned a corner

Josh Gordon has turned a corner

Lots of praise for Josh Gordon

When Josh Gordon came to New England he drew a lot of controversy because of his substance abuse. He came from a very bad Cleveland Browns team and was suspended constantly from the league. His season was cut short last year but the Patriots still won the Super Bowl. With the lack of receivers for Brady, Gordon was committed to being ready for 2019 and proving people wrong. So far to begin this season he’s shaped up to be one of Brady’s favorite targets and a complete difference from a year ago.

Josh Gordon proves that people can overcome anything

Gordon’s battles off the field with substance abuse seem to have gone away which is great news. The way he conducts himself on the field, in the locker room and press conferences is different from a year ago too. Belichick probably gave him one more chance to get better as a person or he would be gone. What we just saw with Antonio Brown is what Belichick doesn’t put up with and that only lasted 11 days. Gordon’s connection with Brady has improved too, working with Brady over the summer at his house helped him in training camp and the season.

Belichick and Brady see improvement’s Gordon has been making to get better

At the beginning of the season Belichick praised Josh’s work ethic to get ready for the season, saying “He’s created an opportunity for himself. But I’m excited about our entire team. Everybody’s worked hard, put a lot into it. It’s time to start playing. It’s time to see where we’re at.” So far this season he’s had 11 receptions for 175 yards and one touchdown.

Even Brady is proud of him and how far he’s come. Brady said after the Jets win ” I think what he did last game was pretty spectacular in his own right to that number of plays he ran. He was going down. He got the ball on the reverse. Josh got the ball on the go-routes, And he was just coming back to the huddle. And I was like, ‘You good?’ And he was like, ‘I’m good.’ And he just kept answering the bell. I think that says a lot about his mental toughness and his perseverance. “

What a difference a year makes

I don’t think Brady would’ve said that last year. It goes to show how much Gordon has improved from a year ago. At the end of the day, it’s being around a good environment and having a positive attitude. The Patriots are both those things the winning a team-first mentality goes a long way. Gordon spoke after the win on Sunday and said he’s always a fighter. “I think I’ve always been that way, just always having the mindset to not leave anything undone, not give it my best if I could do so. Physically, I think I’ve always just kind of been a fighter in some type of way – was going to have to fight back, was going to be the underdog – and that’s my mindset when I step out there on the field and play each week.”

Also having trust with Brady is huge especially on the big plays in games. It’s all about doing your job and doing what’s best for you when you’re on the Patriots.