Enough of Antonio Brown talk

Enough of Antonio Brown talk

The Patriots didn’t need Brown to win games

With Antonio Brown released on Friday, there should be zero talks about the dysfunctional wide receiver. For the complete eleven days Brown was a Patriot nobody was talking about football, it was all drama surrounding Brown. Granted, the Patriots have an easy schedule this moth, but still talking about a player who they don’t need to win games gets annoying. Belichick was even annoyed walking out of his press conferences twice since Brown was a Patriot. The guy is nothing but a self-centered person who is toxic to any locker room he goes too.

They’ll always do what’s best for the team

At the end of the day, the Patriots didn’t need him to beat the Miami Dolphins or any other team they’re playing this season. At the end of the day, Brady will always be Brady and find the open receiver. Nobody has been talking about what a great season Phillip Dorsett has had throughout the first three games. His connection with Brady is spot on. Josh Gordon seems to be a totally different guy from a year ago, and Edelman will always be Brady’s go-to receiver. After next Sunday the Patriots should be 4-0 when they beat the Buffalo Bills, who are also undefeated.

Will there be more football talk now that Brown is away and going back to school? The answer is there should be nobody caring about what these guys do with their relationships off the field, and for him to bring that into the Patriots organization is a big no-no and will get you cut. Belichick not answering questions about Brown is fine, he shouldn’t have to anymore, he’s off the team. People should know he’s not going to comment on it anyway so why waste the time and ask?

Brady is a team player

Even Brady isn’t going to talk about it. He had a great quote about life today on WEEI. “I [was] very different at 22 than I am now at 42. I have a lot more perspective. Life is challenging for all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re Tom Brady or Greg Hill. We all go through different aspects of our life and we try to do the best we can do and we develop friendships and relationships and people that support us. Sports has a great way of bringing a lot of people together and I believe the more you care for people, the more you love people, the more you find joy in your life, the better our society is, the better our communities are, the better our teams are, the better our families are. That’s how I feel.” Brady said.

Maybe some players were unhappy with the decision but it really was what is best for the team moving forward. They’ll still win, go to the AFC Championship and probably have a chance at winning another Super Bowl. Brown didn’t know when to just stay off the internet and play football with the greatest organization in sports. We can all put that behind now and focus on winning.