Jets Sweep Part 1: Jets vs. Pats Preview

Jets Sweep Part 1: Jets vs. Pats Preview

Everyone loves a good underdog story. We all route for the little guy to win against all odds. That being said, no one is summoning the energy to list the ways that the Jets could beat the Patriots

How the Jets got here.

It’s been bad, real bad. Jets fans expected 1-1 and hoped for 2-0. The never foresaw 0-2 in their worst mono fever induced nightmare. Speaking of that: Losing your starting quarterback to a disease that I made fun of my sister for is like the reciprocal kick in the nuts I got when she was better. Add in a horrific leg injury to backup Trevor Siemian and we are down to TB12 disciple Luke Falk. It’s a good thing he’ll be around the corner from The Institute as he’ll need some pliability studies on Monday.

ESPN graphic announcing that Sam Darnold will be taking on the Mono Scourge!!

The offensive line has been a turnstile. Their wide receivers have had some injuries (Demaryius Thomas! What?!). And Le’Veon Bell has proven worth his contract and their best player on offense. The biggest question is now whether he can keep it up. The story will be on Adam Gase and the offense against a Patriots defense that has allowed a grand total of three points through two games. The Jets defense is being led by Gregg Williams, whose “Bount”iful and aggressive style will test Tom Brady and the offense. Considering in his long career he has just one success against the Patriots in 2009. The injuries to several keystones makes this even more difficult.

Where the Patriots stand

Now that the Antonio Brown saga has been cancelled we return to your regularly scheduled brand of New England Patriot’s TV. The accolades and sky high projections have been numerous. The Vegas line has moved to an incredible high. The team will be ignoring this and focusing on playing the best football they can. That’s the great thing about this team. If they don’t give 100% then they will be on the receiving end of Bill Belichick’s ire.

Rapid Fire
Number to look at:


The combined score for the New England Patriots through two weeks. And for at least one more week we hope to see this number keep getting more insane.

Who is in the Patriots Crosshairs

Luke Falk. This is not fair. Signing with the team after Sam Darnold’s illness was diagnosed. Pressed into action after Siemian’s injury. This will be Pick 199 vs. Pick 199 as starters. The best and most optimistic outcome will be for him to make it out of this game healthy in body and mind. I just don’t know.

The Patriot to watch

Jakobi Meyers gets his spot back with AB out of town. He will still be a part time player. He is working on his chemistry with Tom Brady and needs to make the most of his opportunities when they arise. The targets to all the starters will increase, Meyers included.


Not one for the children to watch as it might get ugly. I’m seeing everything from blowouts to moral victories for the Jets. Screw that. This defense is incredible and I’m here for some more defensive touchdowns and I want a Gunner Olszewski score! 33 – 7 as the Jets get a garbage time TD and the Patriots cover for the gamblers. Enjoy the game and lets continue the dominance and put to rest the naysayers this week!

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